Under 12 White

Updated: 06/08/2018

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Thank you to all parents and players for their support throughout this season.

Under 12 White Ladder



Tooradin-Dalmore 8.11-59 vs Cranbourne Gold 1.1-7

In our last game for the season, our under 12’s played host to Cranbourne at Rutter Park. With the weather looking ominous we started off the first quarter kicking with the wind. The boys played great team football getting in the packs and fighting hard for the ball to be up 2 goals 4 to 0 at quarter time.

The second quarter showed some excellent ball skills by the boys as the ball was wet and the contest was heating up as both teams only scored 1 goal 1 each heading into the half time break.

In the third quarter our boys turned up the heat and applied fantastic pressure to kick away with a further 4 goals 4 with Cranbourne unable to add to their score.

With the rain pouring down in the final quarter it made for a scrappy end to the game with all players showing their toughness to play it out in style with another 1 goal 2 added to our score and the Seagulls taking home the win 8.11.59 to Cranbourne’ss 1.1.7.

Goal kickers for the game were Josh Iannantuono 3, Aaron Knight 2, and 1 each to Foti Ploudias, Koby Peck and Jack Mannix. Best players were Ashtyn Paku, Aaron Knight, Cooper Simpson, Jack Mannix and Jordan Bury

The awards going to Jordan Bury, Jesse Sumner, Merrick Stewart-Wells, Josh Iannantuono, Matthew Huxtable, Aaron Knight, Bevan Bell and Koby Peck.

Huge congratulations to Merrick Stewart-Wells and Bevan ‘BJ’ Bell on playing their 50th game! Go Seagulls.


Nar Nar Goon 5.5-35 vs Tooradin-Dalmore 3.3-21

On Sunday we travelled to play against the second placed Nar Nar Goon. In another must win game for our boys we came out firing and had a huge amount of the ball for the quarter. We managed 3 points but with a late goal Nar Nar Goon went into quarter time with the lead. Our boys played hard and tough footy and kept up to the contest against a much bigger team. With Tooradin kicking 1 goal per quarter we ended the game with 3.3.21 to Nar Nar Goon taking home the win with 5.5.35. Goal kickers this week were Foti Ploudias, Cooper Simpson and Jack Mannix with 1 each.

Awards this week went to Daniel Taweel, Jakob Martin, Lachlan Plant, Matthew Huxtable, Cooper Simpson, Harry Hardy, Mason Dicks, Wil Studham, Oakley Bourke and in their best games for the season so far, Hayden Stewart-Wells and Jack Mannix.


Tooradin-Dalmore 10.11-71 vs Berwick North 0.1-1

On a cold windy afternoon at Rutter Park our under 12’s took on 4th placed Berwick North. In a must win game for our team the boys knew what they had to do and took the field with the game plan in mind. Kicking with the wind in the first quarter we played hard strong defensive footy and got on the board with 10 points to 0 going into quarter time. In a tough second quarter both teams only managed 1 point each. After the half time break the boys hit the ground running and played great team football adding 5 goals 4 to our score and our boys in defence played their role keeping Berwick North scoreless. In the final quarter we showed what we are capable of and kicked another 4 goals 2 into the wind giving us a final score of 10.11.71 to Berwick North 0.1.1 taking home the win !

We were so proud of how the team played working  together to achieve what they set out to do at the start of the game.

Goal Kickers were Cooper Simpson 3, Aaron Knight 2, Hunter Cairns 2 and Jordan Bury, Matthew Huxtable and Ashtyn Paku with 1 apiece.

Congratulation to Brodie ‘Gibby’ Alsemgeest on reaching his 50th game milestone for our club! With such an awesome team effort there were a lot of players that received well deserved awards.

Well done to Ashtyn Paku, Brodie Alsemgeest, Wil Studham, Koby Peck, Merrick Stewart-Wells, Jesse Sumner, Foti Plodious, Hunter Cairns, Cooper Simpson, Jakob Martin, Oakley Bourke, Jordan Bury, Josh Iannantuono and Jack Mannix. Great work boys! Bring on next week!

Match Reports Week 10  – Sunday 24 JUNE 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 19.16-130 vs Lyndhurst 1.0-6

The under 12’s played host at Rutter Park to Lyndhurst on Sunday on a chilly Melbourne afternoon. Coach Shane Simpson has been working the team hard at training and it showed in the game with the boys coming out with a fantastic start with Tooradin kicking 6 goals straight in the first quarter. With a fast paced second quarter the boys kept Lyndhurst scoreless and added a further 2 goals 6 to our score. After the half time break they once again came out firing and kept up the pressure in all areas of the field kicking another 6 goals 7. In a slower paced final quarter we ended the game with 1 goal 3 and Lyndhurst kicking their only goal for the game. In a great team game we are so proud of all the boys for Sunday. With the goals being spread around our co-captains Aaron Knight and Cooper Simpson dominated the goal kicking with both players getting their career highest goals so far, Aaron snagging a bag of 5 and Cooper with 4.

Other goal kickers were Jack Mannix 2, Jordan Bury 1, Harry Hardy 1, Hunter Cairns 1, Jakob Martin 1, Daniel Taweel 1, Curtis Watts 1, Brodie Alsemgeest 1, Foti Plodious 1.

The awards went to Bevan Bell, Lenny Goldberg, Cooper Simpson, Jack Mannix, Aaron Knight, Jordan Bury, Merrick Stewart-Wells, Hunter Cairns, Curtis Watts, Daniel Taweel, Jakob Martin, Wil Studham and Lachlan Plant.

Go Seagulls


Tooradin-Dalmore 3.7-25 vs Koo Wee Rup 5.4-34

On Sunday the under 12’s hosted local town rivals Koo Wee Rup at Rutter Park. With Koo Wee sitting on top of the ladder the boys knew they had to play their hardest to give us a chance against them. In a slow start for the Seagulls, we only managed a behind in the first quarter with Koo Wee putting 2 goals 1 on the board. In a tight and hard fought second quarter both sides kicked a goal with Tooradin adding 9 points to our score to go into half time 9 points down.

With Koo Wee applying pressure in the third quarter our boys played some great footy and our defence showed them what we can do, blocking their attempts and giving them few opportunities to score. They did however add 1 goal 3 to their tally and we went into 3/4 time 18 points down. With our spirits up the boys went out and fired off early with determination and great team work to kick 2 goals 3 to their 1 with Tooradin only being 2 points down at one stage throughout the final quarter.

We went out and gave it our best but unfortunately were down by 9 points at the final siren. A credit to our boys who played the game in great team spirit and big thanks to the under 11’s players that came and helped us out today!

Goal Kickers were Aaron Knight 2 and Foti Plodious 1.Best players were Aaron Knight, Jack Mannix, Cooper Simpson, Hunter Cairns and Jordan Bury.

Awards winners Hayden Stewart-Wells, Cody Ray, Bevan Bell, Cooper Simpson, Jack Mannix, Mason Dicks, Aaron Knight, Riley Fengler, Hunter Cairns and Matthew Huxtable.

Match Reports Week 9  – Sunday 17 JUNE 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 3.2-20 vs Cora Lynn 3.4-22

On a typical winters day in Melbourne the under 12’s played host to Cora Lynn in the Round 9 clash. Cora Lynn came out and kicked the first and only major of the first quarter and our boys knew we were up for a challenge. With the wind going our way in the second we had the momentum and got on the board with our first goal kicked by Cooper Simpson. With our strong midfield and defence we managed to keep the cobras scoreless for the quarter and went into the half time break 2 points down. Our second half saw some awesome tackles and great tap outs with all the boys getting in and giving their all. Cora Lyn managed 2 goals to put them in front by 14 points. Going into the final quarter we once again stood strong and defended well against their runs forward to keep them to another scoreless quarter and with a couple of great snaps by Josh Iannantuono we were back in it only to be beaten by the clock and falling 2 points short.

Goal kickers were Josh Iannantuono with 2 and Cooper Simpson 1. Best players were Foti Ploudias, Daniel Taweel, Cooper Simpson, Jack Mannix, Hayden Stewart-Wells.

Awards went to Oakley Bourke, Wil Studham, Aaron Knight, Brodie Alsemgeest, Josh Iannantuono, Foti Ploudias, Koby Peck, Jack Mannix, Lachlan Plant, Ashtyn Paku and Daniel Taweel.

Match Reports Week 8  – Sunday 03 JUNE 2018

North Dandenong 4.1-25 vs Tooradin-Dalmore 14.9-93

Under 12’s travelled to Tatterson Park to take on North Dandenong for the second time this season. With the opposition needing a few players our boys stepped up and donned the jersey for them to make a game out of it.  We started the game on fire kicking a whopping 5 goals straight to 1 point. We went on to kick 3 more in the second taking us to a 53 point lead into half time. By mixing up the players positions we let North Dandenong sneak up a bit with them adding 4 goals (with Jordan Bury snapping a quick one while playing for them!) to our 1 in the third. We came home strong with 5 goals 2 in the last to take home the win!

Goals kickers were Cooper Simpson 3, Jordan Bury 2, Hunter Cairns 2, Harry Hardy 1, Aaron Knight 1, Brodie Alsemgeest 1, and with their first goals Jakob Martin 1 and Oakley Bourke with a bag of 3!

Awards this week went to Jordan Bury, Jakob Martin, Cooper Simpson, Foti Ploudias, Oakley Bourke, Matthew Huxtable, Brodie Alsemgeest, Harry Hardy, Hayden Stewart-Wells, Merrick Stewart-Wells and Daniel Taweel. We are so proud of our boys and their great sportsmanship that they show not only today but in every game they play together. Go Seagulls

Match Reports Week 7  – Sunday 27 May 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 11.15-81 vs Cranbourne Gold 0.1-1

Round 7 saw us head to Cams Reserve to take on Cranbourne. In the warm autumn sunshine our boys bought their game faces and played some fantastic team football. We hit the ground running and notched up 3 goals in the first quarter to Cranbourne’s 0. We again kept them scoreless in the second quarter while adding another 2 goals to our tally heading into the half time break 38 points up.

The second half saw the boys add a further 6 goals to the score with Cranbourne scoring their only point in the dying minutes of the final quarter and the Seagulls coming away with the win 11.15.81 to 0.0.1. With the boys sharing the goals we had 9 individual goal kickers with Aaron Knight the only player to kick 3.

The goal kickers all with 1 apiece were Jordan Bury, Cooper Simpson, Josh Iannantuono, Jesse Sumner, Bevan Bell, Matthew Huxtable, and with their first goals for the Seagulls, Koby Peck and Daniel Taweel. Well done boys.

In one of the best team games yet our best players were Harry Hardy, Aaron Knight, Jakob Martin, Riley Fengler, Jordan Bury, Bevan Bell, Cooper Simpson, Oakley Bourke, Daniel Taweel, Matthew Huxtable, Jack Mannix, Hayden Stewart and Jack Sherer. Super effort boys let’s back it up next week. Go Seagulls!

Match Reports Week 6  – Sunday 20 May 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 3.1-19 vs Nar Nar Goon 6.9-45

Today we hosted Nar Nar Goon at home at Rutter Park. With the rain drizzling down throughout the game our boys were ready for a wet hard contested match. With Nar Nar Goon scoring 5 points our defence played hard to stop them getting a goal in the first quarter. Opening our score tally was Foti Ploudias in the forward line and kicking the first goal for the Seagulls. Unfortunately they got away from us in the second and added 4 goals 2 to their score. The boys showed great determination with Koby Peck attacking the ball all game. Hunter Cairns and Jordan Bury running from end to end working hard with Cooper Simpson and Ashtyn Paku in and under frequently winning the ball from congested packs and breaking away propel the ball forward to their team mates. The third quarter saw Cooper Simpson kicking our second goal bursting through a pack to snap truly. With the weather turning nasty and our backs to the wall kicking into the wind the boys never gave up producing a 4 quarter team effort resulting in Jesse Sumner kicking our third goal for the game from a set shot.

Goals: Foti Ploudias, Cooper Simpson and Jesse Sumner with one a piece.

Awards this week went to Jesse Sumner, Jordan Bury, Josh Iannantuono, Aaron Knight, Cooper Simpson, Harry Hardy, Ashtyn Paku, Koby Peck and in his first game for the Gulls, Daniel Taweel. Special thanks to Bevan Bell and Lenny Goldberg for helping us out today.

Match Reports Week 5  – Sunday 13 May 2018

Last weekend we traveled to Timbarra Reserve to take on Berwick North. They came out of the blocks early and notched up a 26 point to 0 lead in the first quarter. To our boys credit we went on to keep them scoreless for the next two quarters with the boys in the midfield and backline proving what we are capable of and added 22 points to our score. In a hard fought last quarter with our boys keeping up the pace with some strong tackles and tough contests and kicking 1 goal, Berwick North managed to add a late 3 goals to take home the win. Best on ground in his best game so far was Aaron Knight along with bests for Hunter Cairns, Cooper Simpson, Koby Peck and Jordan Bury.

Awards this week went to Foti Ploudias, Harry Hardy, Jesse Sumner, Wil Studham, Jordan Bury, Aaron Knight, Ashtyn Paku, Cooper Simpson, Koby Peck and Hunter Cairns.

Our goal kickers were Aaron Knight 2, Foti Ploudias 1 and Jordan Bury 1.

Match Reports Week 4  – Sunday 06 May 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 3.4-22 Vs Koo Wee Rup 7.5-47

This week our under 12’s took on Koo Wee Rup at home. On a beautiful sunny afternoon at Rutter Park we had some amazing achievements with 4 of our players celebrating their 50 game milestone. Congratulations to Foti Ploudias, Mason Dicks, Hunter Cairns and Jesse Sumner.

We got away to a fast start kicking 3 goals to 0 but unfortunately the boys fell asleep and struggled to impact on the scoreboard after quarter time. The boys have shown they are good enough to mix it with the best of them but need to believe in themselves and back their abilities and not leave it to the few ones who consistently perform week in week out. Thanks to Jack Mannix for helping us out. Goal kickers with 1 goal each were Hunter Cairns, Brodie Alsemgeest and Foti Ploudias.

Best players were Merrick Stewart-Wells, Cooper Simpson, Jordan Bury, Aaron Knight, Hunter Cairns and Ashtyn Paku

Bit of hard work on the training track to turn it into a 4 quarter performance and we will show everyone what we are capable of.

Match Reports Week 3  – Sunday 29 April 2018

Lyndhurst 2.2-14 vs Tooradin-Dalmore 8.11-59

On a beautiful Sunday morning our under 12’s headed to Marriott Waters to take on Lyndhurst in the round 3 clash. Lyndhurst got on the board with an early first goal but our boys gathered and produced some amazing team plays and kicked the next 2 to go into the quarter time break with the lead. We came out even stronger in the next two quarters kicking 5 goals and kept Lyndhurst scoreless. With an amazing mark by Aaron Knight, excellent team plays by all our boys and some awesome tackles by Cooper Simpson we took home the win. While all our boys had an awesome game our best players were Jordan Bury, Aaron Knight, Cooper Simpson, Mason Dicks, Ashtyn Paku, Koby Peck, Josh Iannantuono, Jesse Sumner, Harry Hardy and Hunter Cairns.

Goals: Cooper Simpson 3, Jordan Bury 2, and one a piece to Harry Hardy, Aaron Knight and Jesse Sumner.

Match Reports Week 2  – Sunday 22 April 2018

Cora Lyn 3.2-20 vs Tooradin-Dalmore 1.6-12

After a huge win last week the Tooradin boys came crashing down against Cora Lynn this week. Cora Lynn jumped away to and early lead really making our boys work hard for every possession. To the Tooradin boys’ credit they clawed their way back in the second half stopping Cora Lyn from even scoring. With some hard work on the training track the boys will bounce back.

Best players: Jordan Bury, Cooper Simpson, Ashtyn Paku, Aaron Knight, Merrick Stewart-Wells.

Goal Kicker – Cooper Simpson

Match Reports Week 1 – Sunday 15 April 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 18.11-119 vs North Dandenong 0.2-2

Tooradin under 12’s started their new season today in wet and windy conditions at Rutter Park, Tooradin. With our two co captains Aaron Knight and Cooper Simpson leading the charge we took on a shorthanded North Dandenong team. But with great sportsmanship our players bolstered their ranks so a game could be played. Our team connected well and put weeks of training into action in a one sided match. Congratulations to Matthew Huxtable on playing his 50th game for the Seagulls kicking 1 goal. Other goal scores were Aaron Knight 3, Cooper Simpson 3, Jay Petersen 2, Jordan Bury 2, Ashtyn Paku 2, Lachlan Plant 2, Merrick Stewart-Wells 1, Foti Ploudias 1 and with his first goal of his career, Brodie Alsemgeest.