Under 14 Blue

Updated: 19/06/2018

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Lyndhurst vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Under 14 Blue



Berwick Blue2.07.47.411.911.9-75Win

Match Reports Week 9  – Sunday 17 JUNE 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 2.2-14 vs Berwick Blue 11.9-75

On Sunday, our Under 14’s took on Berwick Blue at home. We knew this game was going to be a hard one as we have played these boys before and they are a good team.

The boys came out running through 2 very important banners today as we had Brodie Simpson doing his 100 games and Eden Genoni and James Ryan doing there 50 games. Congratulations to all these boys, it’s a fantastic achievement.

We came out strong kicking the first goal of the quarter by Jed Ashurst which was fantastic made them all lift and we continued to play great football with strong tackles and amazing effort by all. Berwick came back and kicked a goal and we went in 2nd quarter only a few points down. Kicking another goal in 2nd quarter by Ben Sellings, and all the boys still showing lots of effort.

Half time and the 3rd and 4th quarter didn’t go our way although we still continued the effort it just wasn’t happening and we didn’t get the win we wanted. Boys be happy with yourselves and continue to show you want to be out there and the results will show.

Goal kicker – Jed Ashurst and Ben Sellings

Best Players- Tyler Evans, Ryley Watts, Ben Sellings, Brock Marshall and Fergus Goldberg.

Under 14 Blue Ladder


Match Reports Week 8  – Sunday 03 JUNE 2018

Beaconsfield Gold 15.17-107 vs Tooradin-Dalmore 2.4-16

On Sunday, our Under 14’s took on Beaconsfield at their home ground. We were hoping for a win as we had Bailey Ray playing his 100th game.

The boys had a slow start letting Beaconsfield kick a quick 5 goals to our nothing. The boys continued to keep their heads up with a few great tackles but unfortunately they just didn’t play to their ability and had no talk on the field which definitely showed on the score board. Coach Paul Ray gave them a good speech at half time with them then coming out and kicking the 1st goal of 3rd quarter. Unfortunately this didn’t continue and it just wasn’t our day. Boys with determination and some team bonding it will start to show on the score board. Congratulations again to Bailey Ray playing his 100th game couldn’t get the win but he played a great game.

Best Players – Ben Sellings, Kyle Hernaut, Kye De Little and Ryley Watts.

Goal Kickers – Ben Sellings 2

Match Reports Week 7  – Sunday 27 MAY 2018

Parkmore 10.4-64 vs Tooradin-Dalmore 0.3-3

Our under 14’s took on Parkmore at their home ground. Unfortunately it didn’t go as planned as one of our players was hurt at start of 3rd quarter and we needed to call off the game due to his injury. We all hope Tadhg gets well soon and is back on the field ASAP playing with us!!

Best Players – Kye De Little, Tyler Evans, Fergus Goldberg.

Match Reports Week 6  – Sunday 20 MAY 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 3.1-19 vs Endeavour Hills 12.12-84

Our under 14’s today took on Endeavour Hills at home. The weather wasn’t the best but that’s what footy weather is – cold and wet!!

The boys came out with determination to get the win unfortunately we couldn’t get it, but the effort they all showed was a win to us. The boys showed that they wanted to play football – the hard tackles, talking on the field and encouraging each other is the coach wants from them. We may not get the wins each week but if the boys can play with love and passion it proves to everyone that we will get the win one day. Our 3rd quarter was our best game of footy by far keeping Endeavour Hills scoreless. We kicked 3 goals which were kicked by Tyler Evans, Ben Sellings and Ryley Watts. Sunday’s effort was amazing keep it up and the win will come.

Best Players- Ben Sellings, Bailey Ray, Tadhg O’Riordan, Tyler Evans and Kye De Little.

Goal Kickers – Tyler Evans, Ben Sellings and Ryley Watts.

Match Reports Week 5  – Sunday 13 MAY 2018

Narre North Foxes Grey 22.16-148 vs Tooradin-Dalmore 0.2-2

Best players: Ben Sellings, Bailey Ray, Tadhg O’Riordan, Kyle Hernaut and Eden Genoni

Match Reports Week 4  – Sunday 06 MAY 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 1.1-7 vs Lyndhurst 19.10-124

On Sunday our under 14’s took on Koo Wee Rup at home. We knew this was going to be a hard game with Koo Wee Rup being a very strong team.

Although the score didn’t reflect the game the boys played well as a team, strong tackles and some really great passages of play. Jayden Govaars kicking our only goal for the game. Coach Paul Ray was happy with the boys’ effort and had some positive words at the end of the game although we didn’t get the win.  If all train well and play like they want to be out there, then the win will eventually come for us and that’s what the boys need to keep in the back on their mind.

Best Players: Ben Sellings, Eden Genoni, Bailey Ray, Kye De Little and Brodie Simpson.

Goals: Jayden Govaars

Match Reports Week 3  – Sunday 29 April 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 4.5-29 vs Lyndhurst 11.19-85

Today the under 14’s took on Lyndhurst at home the sun was shining and we were hoping to get a win on the board. Unfortunately this wasn’t going to happen. We came out with Bailey Ray getting the 1st goal on the board. The boys played a good 1st quarter and then let themselves go for the rest of the game letting Lyndhurst run free and couldn’t catch them they were quick but our boys just couldn’t chase or nail strong tackles. It’s disappointing for them as they are a better team than this so a few hard training sessions this week to hopefully get a win next week and get the boys confidence back up.

Goal Kickers – Bailey Ray 2 and Tyler Evans 2

Best players – Charlie Hobson, Charlie Ogier, Brock Marshal, Bailey Ray and Kye De Little.

Match Reports Week 2  – Sunday 22 April 2018

Berwick Blue 18.15-123 vs Tooradin-Dalmore 1.2-8

After last weeks close game the boys were keen to get out there and try for a win. With the opposition starting strongly we were put on the back foot and played catch up for most of the game. Showing great teamwork and some promising sets of plays we have something to build on before next week.

Our goal kicker was Ryan Philp.
Best players: Brock Marshall, Jayden Govaars, Riley Watts, Matthew Chapman and Charlie Ogier.

Match Reports Week 1 – Sunday 15 April 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 4.2-26 vs Beaconsfield Gold 4.12-36

Round 1 well what a day to start back at footy… rain wind you name it Melbourne had it all.

Today our under 14’s took on Beaconsfield Gold, the boys came out strong and showed determination and showed they were eager to play football. First goal of the game was kicked by Ben Sellings, this gave the boys a nice confidence boost to then kick the next goal by Jayden Govaars.

The rain continued to pour down but we kept on going. We had quiet 2nd quarter letting Beaconsfield kick 9 behinds. The 3rd quarter we came back with 2 more goals, 1 by Ryan Ilbery and another one to Jayden Govaars. Unfortunately Beaconsfield came back at us in 4th winning by 10 points. Coach Paul Ray was happy with boys’ effort and hoping for a win next week.

Best players -Tyler Evans, Brock Marshall, Charlie Ogier, Ben Sellings and Kye de Little