Under 17 – Premier 3

Updated: 19/06/2018

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Tooradin-Dalmore vs Berwick Springs Green

Under 17 Premier 3



Pakenham Blue0.

Match Reports Week 9  – Sunday 17 JUNE 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 10.12-72 vs Pakenham Blue 4.0-24

It was a cold, wet and windy start to the day. Our boys opened the flood gates and came out fighting like a storm. They played hard at the ball, despite the wet ground making the ball wet and hard to control. Their improvement in their skill levels has gone to great heights since the first round and they left the Pakenham Blue boys pointless in the first and 3rd quarter.

Tooradin played a game of skill and showed amazing teamwork and taking out the win to celebrate their teammates 50th game in style with a 10 goals 12 behinds game.

Congratulations to Austin Hernaut who celebrated his 50th game at Tooradin.

Well done to the Tooradin Seagulls flying high and proud.

Our goal kickers on 2 goals each Matthew Birnie and Cian O’Riordan.

One goal apiece to James Cross, Keith Piccardt-Corn, Robert Loudon, Benjamin Peters, Corey Potrich and Joseph Spano.

Premier 3 Ladder


Under 17 - Premier 3 Fixture


Match Reports Week 8  – Sunday 03 JUNE 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 10.4-64 vs Fountain Gate White 9.9-63

It was another week at home at Rutter Park and another great nail biting victory to the Mighty Tooradin Seagulls. Both teams played with strong endeavour. The game went right down to the wire with a thrilling 1 point victory to the boys of the green and red of Tooradin.

Putting on a great show to celebrate Max Kendells 100th career game.

Both Tooradin and Fountain Gate White should be congratulated for fighting it out to the end. Several of our players showed great grit and determination by playing through illness and injuries. Again congratulations Max .

Our goal kickers for the game with an incredible 4 goals to Cian O’Riordan, 3 goals to Matthew Birnie and our single goal kickers Max Kendell, Robert Loudon and Glen Sieben.

Go Seagulls

Match Reports Week 7  – Sunday 27 MAY 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 9.6-60 vs Narre South Lions 6.12-48

Sunday was our first home game in 4 weeks, and what a day to be back playing at home against Narre South Lions on a glorious day.

Today the sun was shining on us and our boys. They played some great football, showing not just skill and determination but great team effort working together as well as discipline. They cleared the ball well from the first bounce which led them to kick the first score of the game.

From the first bounce to the final siren the boys found their form in great Tooradin style and led the game the whole way through.

They finished the game with 9 goals what an amazing effort by the whole team. Well done boys keep it up.

Our goal kickers for the game: Matthew Birnie kicking 3 goals, Jack Jenkins and Luke Townsend kicking 2 goals each and single goal kickers Max Kendell and Benjamin Peters.

Match Reports Week 6  – Sunday 20 MAY 2018

Berwick Blue 7.8-50 vs Tooradin-Dalmore 3.15-33

Today our boys headed on down to Berwick to play Berwick Blue. It was very early morning start on a cold and grey day.

It was a tough fought out battle, one which the boys succumbed to lose by 17 points.

Our goal kickers each kicking one goal apiece were Edward Harrison, Joseph Spano and Luke Townsend.

Match Reports Week 5  – Sunday 13 MAY 2018

Berwick Springs Green 12.13-85 vs Tooradin-Dalmore 5.5-35

The boys from Tooradin headed on down to Berwick springs to play Berwick Springs green. In Sunday’s game we lost by 50 points, unfortunately for us, but fortunately for them Berwick Springs was the stronger team on the day.

Today our boys welcomed 3 new players to our side.

We welcome Keith Piccardt-Corn, Lucas Peters and Benjamin Peters, great work boys.

Well done to Benjamin 1st game with us and his best on ground. Keep it up.

Well done to our boys for keeping up a great fight better luck next week.

Goal kickers for the day saw Matthew Birnie kicking 2 goals and single goals to Robbie Loudon, Cian O’Riordan and Luke Townsend.

Match Reports Week 4  – Sunday 06 MAY 2018

Pakenham Blue 2.2-14 vs Tooradin-Dalmore 12.18-90

We ventured down to Pakenham on Sunday to take on the boys of Pakenham Blue.

Unfortunately we only fielded 17 players; however the boys still managed to put in a good strong performance and come away with a strong win.

Without an interchange bench they still managed to play strong footy right to the final siren, an amazing effort. It was a good strong all round performance by the Tooradin boys. They worked amazingly well as a team and everyone played a great role in sealing our second win.

Some amazing kicking skills from our forwards with Max Kendell being our highest goal scorer, followed by some great kicking by Luke Townsend, between them kicking 9 goals of our 12.

Our goal kickers with an amazing 6 goals by Max Kendell, 3 goals Luke Townsend and 1 goal each to Cian O’Riordan, Jack Jenkins and Matthew Birnie. Keep up the great work. Go Seagulls.

Match Reports Week 3  – Sunday 29 April 2018

Fountain Gate White 13.11-89 vs Tooradin-Dalmore 4.6-30

The first quarter was very much an even playing field with both sides showing some great tackling and marks, with both teams kicking a goal in each in the opening term.

The second quarter Tooradin showed some great ability and they took charge kicking 3 goals 3 keeping the boys from Fountain Gate on their toes.

Unfortunately after half time Fountain gate exerted strength and kicked away to take the win.

Our goal kickers for the day kicking 1 goal each were

Austin Hernaut, Cian O’Riordan, Robbie Loudon and Luke Townsend.

Match Reports Week 2  – Sunday 22 April 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 2.1-13 vs Beaconsfield Blue 23.12-150

On Sunday in perfect sunny Melbourne weather Tooradin took on Beaconsfield Gold at home. Valiant efforts were shown by the boys.

Some stand out players of the day were Jack Jenkins who played hard all day taking lots of possessions and constantly running hard and into the play. Glen Sieben fought well in the back line even carrying an injury in the last quarter refused to give in. Max Kendell showed a strong work rate making and winning contests around the ground. Although our Tooradin boys lost, great spirit was shown and lessons learnt.

Our goal kickers for the day,  Joseph Spano and Lachlan McLeod with 1 goal each.

Match Reports Week 1 – Sunday 15 April 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore 10.9-69 vs Berwick Blue 2.5-17

Today was not only opening round for junior football, but also the first round of competitive football at Tooradin’s new junior ground at Rutter Park Memorial Reserve.

The under 17’s took on Berwick Blue and the won the first premiership point game played at Rutter park. On a cold, wet and windy morning the boys performed at a high level, showing that their hard work during pre season is paying off. Working together as team which helped them get up.

Returning this season for Tooradin Matthew Birnie made his presence felt by showing courageous effort by taking some of the games great high flying marks and kicking 4 goals.

Robbie Loudon showed some great fast running play breaking the lines. Our goal kickers for the day as mentioned were with a remarkable 4 goals Matthew Birnie with a further 2 goals for Cian O’Riordan. Single goal kickers: Robbie Loudon, Jack Jenkins, Corey Potrich and Ned Harrison

Well done boys!