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Updated: 06/08/2018

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Thank you to all parents and players for their support throughout this season.

Match Reports Week 14  – Sunday 29 JULY 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Hampton Park

The seagulls finished off a fabulous season full of magical marks, hard tough tackles and amazing skills with another great game today. The team work the u9’s show each week just gets better and better. Well done to each and everyone of you. Your coaches, parents and supporters are truly proud of you. Each week the seagulls coaches get praised on how much these little champs are improving and their great sportsmanship. What a great way to finish off the season getting to sing the club song loud and proud. You guys are the best.

Goals Ryken Kinna 2, Jack Alexander 1

Bests – EVERYONE!!

Match Reports Week 13  – Sunday 22 JULY 2018

Cranbourne Gold vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Close game today against Cranbourne gold, seagulls worked well as a team backing each other up in the packs and making sure we always had an option to handball or kick out to. As always the seagulls tackled hard and chased down the opposition forcing Cranbourne to kick under pressure. Well done seagulls every week your improvement amazes us.

Bests Riley peck, Ryken Kinna, Declan Whittley, Kane Angleton, will Murray

Goals Kane Angleton 2, Maeve Goldberg and Annie Holloway 1

Match Reports Week 12  – Sunday 15 JULY 2018

Tooradin Dalmore vs Nar Nar Goon

What a fantastic effort by the seagulls on Sunday against one of the top teams in our division. It really showed today how much we have improved throughout the season coming up against a tough side. The Seagulls worked hard through the middle applying plenty of tackles and worked well talking to team mates. The Seagulls backline was amazing applying lots of pressure making sure if Nar Nar Goon did score it wasn’t easy. Well done Tooradin you never give up and are always smiling, your sportsmanship shows what a great team and bunch of kids you are!!

Bests: Jack Alexander, Noah Baker, Nate Cuthbertson, Maeve Goldberg, Annie Holloway and Declan Whittley.

Goals: Tom Sherer 2

Match Reports Week 11  – Sunday 01 JULY 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Lyndhurst Blue

Well done U9 on a great game on Sunday, coming away with the win by two points. Some brilliant team work in the forward line saw multiple goal kickers again this week. Great team talk out on the field on Sunday. A special well done to Jayden Corn on his efforts on the weekend. Jayden put his head over the ball and worked hard in the packs and helped to clear the ball out to teammates. Fantastic effort Jayden!!

Bests: Declan Whitley, Jayden Corn, Maeve Goldberg, Vijay Orsino, Annie Holloway, Charlie Burgess

Goals: Noah Baker, Kane Angleton, Maeve Goldberg, Tom Sherer.


Endeavour Hills vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Perfect conditions for footy on Sunday. Owen Birch was amazing –  he worked hard for the footy all day and proved that practice is key. He truly was amazing to watch. Great team effort. It was a fairly even game so it was great to see the likes of Matthew Klanja, Jayden Corn and Dylan Kraskov step up and get amongst the packs. Well done everyone and great singing, think we need a bit of practice on the words of our club song. Hehe!

Goals: Kane Angleton 2 Charlie Burgess and Tom Sherer 1

Bests: Ryken Kinna, Cooper Webb, Matthew Klanja, Riley Peck, Owen Birch and Dylan Kraskov

Match Reports Week 9  – Sunday 17 JUNE 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Endeavour Falcons

Awesome team work by the Seagulls on Sunday, 10 goals kicked by 5 different players and multiple players involved in setting up these plays. The Seagulls were in high spirits with the talk and tackling on field on amazing to watch. Each week the Seagulls just keep getting better, their skills and confidence is building every week. So proud of you guys!!

Goals: Kane Angleton 4, Noah Baker 3, Jack Alexander, Maeve Goldberg and Tom Sherer 1

Bests will Murray, Kane Angleton, Vijay Orsino, Jayden Corn, Maeve Goldberg and Owen Birch

Match Reports Week 8  – Sunday 03 JUNE 2018

Noble Park Blue vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Hard work really paid off for the Seagulls today, they worked hard for the one percenters all game and although there was 4 goal kickers today it was really a true team effort in setting those goals up. Special mention to Ryken Kinna for his hard work through the centre and brilliant smoother leading into us scoring a goal and also to Noah baker for his as always amazing defence in the backline. Cooper Webb and Charlie Burgess showed real courage today and worked hard all over the ground. Well done everyone.

Goals: Tom Sherer 3, Kane Angleton 2, Cooper Webb and Charlie Burgess 1

Bests: Tom Sherer, Kane Angleton, Charlie Burgess, Cooper Webb and Noah Baker.

Match Reports Week 7  – Sunday 27 MAY 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Pakenham Maroon

Tough game against Pakenham today. Great work in defence all over the ground by the seagulls today after a slow ish start the seagulls switched on and applied some great tackling pressure. A massive thanks and well-done to 12 of our players who showed amazing sportsmanship and filled in for Pakenham today. Much appreciated team.

Goals Charlie burgess and Noah baker

Bests Dylan Kraskov, Annie Holloway, Noah Baker, Riley Peck, Matthew Klanja and Charlie Burgess

Match Reports Week 6  – Sunday 20 MAY 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Narre North Foxes Grey

Well done on a great team effort Seagulls, multiple goal kickers proves that all of you are playing really well and working hard as a team. Thanks to riley, Owen, Jayden and Declan for filling in for Narre, great sportsmanship. Special mention to Annie Holloway for her perfect set up allowing Tom Sherer to score his second goal. Also terrific game for Jayden Corn, it’s amazing to see Jayden show great courage out on the field. Great job your coaches Matt Burgess, Chris Webb and your team mates are super proud. Keep up the good work Under 9’s.

Goals: Tom Sherer 2, Ryken Kinna, Jack Alexander, Noah Baker 1

Bests: Ryken Kinna, Riley Peck, Jack Alexander, Owen Birch, Declan Whittley, Cooper Webb, Jayden Corn, Kane Angleton

Match Reports Week 5  – Sunday 13 MAY 2018

Berwick Red vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Awesome team work by the seagulls against Berwick Red. The seagulls worked hard in the centre roving every loose ball and looking down field for a teammate to handball or kick to. Lots of great marks today and extension kicks saw all the seagulls really working hard and attacking the ball all over the ground.

Well done! Goals Jack Alexander

Awards: Owen Birch, Maeve Goldberg, Tom Sherer, Dylan Kraskov, Nate Cuthbertson, Noah Baker, Ryken Kinna, Jack Alexander

Match Reports Week 4  – Sunday 07 MAY 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Berwick North

Round 4 saw the seagulls take to field ready for a tough game, we trained hard this week and had some key factors and tactics to put in place come game day. What an amazing team effort, we talked to team mates looked down field and tackled hard. Kane Angleton and Jack Alexander were outstanding as was Annie Holloway kicking 2 goals. Riley Peck showed that no ball was too hard to mark and is a massive contender for mark of the year. (Champion). Great work Seagulls.

Goals: Annie Holloway 2 Vijay Orsino, Jett Evans 1

Bests: Kane Angleton, Jack Alexander, Riley Peck, Annie Holloway, Cooper Webb, Vijay Orsino, Jayden Corn, Nate Cuthbertson

Match Reports Week 3  – Sunday 29 April 2018

Hampton Park vs Tooradin-Dalmore

A very close game today only a point in it saw both teams have to work hard all over the ground. Noah Baker and Nate Cuthbertson tackled like the professionals, Owen Birch rovered like a true champion and was seen numerous times on the bottom of the pack. Great team work by the seagulls today with plenty of handballs and kicks hitting the chests of teammates. Great job guys we are all so proud of you.

Bests: Jack Alexander, Tom Sherer, Owen Birch, Cooper Webb and Kane Angleton

Goals: Annie Holloway, Charlie Burgess, Tom Sherer, Kane Angleton.

Match Reports Week 2  – Sunday 22 April 2018

Tooradin-Dalmore Vs Cranbourne Gold

What a great game in perfect conditions. Cranbourne came out strong but the Seagulls worked hard and fought back displaying some fantastic marking and kicking skills. Annie Holloway and Maeve Goldberg were amazing in the back line applying lots of pressure and really made the eagles work hard to score whilst Charlie burgess and Ryken Kinna showed some magic foot work and tackles through the centre. Well done Seagulls a great game by all of you.

Goals Vijay Orsino, Charlie Burgess, Noah Baker, Jett Evans.

Best players:  Ryken Kinna, Annie Holloway, Charlie Burgess, Noah Baker, Dylan Kraskov, Jayden Corn, Maeve Goldberg, Nate Cuthbertson.


Nar Nar Goon vs Tooradin-Dalmore

With tough conditions and a lot of players unavailable the under 9’s played well. A special mention to Annie Holloway for an outstanding game and Noah Baker for scoring a point . A big thank you to the under 8’s for filling in, also we wish Jack Alexander a speedy recovery thanks