1. Facilities

The Tooradin Dalmore Football Club has arguably the best facilities at it’s disposal in local football. From our state of the art club function rooms, our restaurant, our POKIES, our TAB and our multiple Bars, the social aspect of our club has much to offer. Much of this is thanks to our affiliation with the Tooradin & District Sports Club. Find out more about the Tooradin Sports Club online at www.tooradinsports.com.au.

Our ground has access to unlimited water, our change rooms are top class, we have best practice coaches boxes and our sponsors and supporters have access to some of the best viewing spots of our ground. This includes our beer garden, in the sports club and up above the change-rooms in the ‘Seagulls Nest’.

2. Our People

The Tooradin Dalmore Football Club is supported by a team of volunteers, supporters and sponsors, many of which give above and beyond most other clubs.

From a football department perspective, we have a professional Head Trainer who before Tooradin worked with AFL based clubs. He ensures our players get the best out of themselves, and injuries are responded to an managed with best practice. Our coaching staff are top class, with focus coaches for our Forwards, Backs and Midfielders.

3. We play in a GREAT competition

West Gippsland Football Netball Competition is arguably one of the best competitions in our area. With countless AFL and VFL superstars, top young talent and many recruits from far and wide, the competition in which we play is your opportunity to prove yourself at the top level.

If you are a Reserves Player – why battle it out in the fringe of some clubs when you can move to a club with the facilities and people to make you a better, Senior player. Fly Higher with Tooradin in the WGFNC.

If you are an Under 16 or Under 18 player – why play in a junior or Colts based competition when you can join a senior club now. Play Under 18’s and possibly even make your mark sooner on a senior list. Fly Higher with Tooradin in the West Gippsland Football Netball Competition.

The Tooradin Dalmore Football Club is very proud that week in and week out we get the opportunity to mix it with the best.  We want you to Fly Higher with Tooradin.

4. We are a family oriented club

The Tooradin Football Club prides itself on being a family oriented club. Many of our players and supporters have young families, and it is our goal to ensure everyone enjoys being at, and interacting with, their local football club.

We have access to a children’s room in the Sports Club, we have a playground right between our football ground and the change-rooms, we have a skate park and tennis courts right alongside our ground. We have a children’s menu in the restaurant and heaps of space for you and your family to come along and enjoy themselves with you at your club of choice.

5. We have a plan

As in the opening, our plan is in place to move Tooradin Dalmore Football Club to be a major contender in the West Gippsland Football Netball Competition.

The Reserves side successfully took home the flag from the inaugural Grand Final in the West Gippsland Football Netball Competition. This will be followed by a premiership for all of our teams within  4 years. We want you to be part of this plan.

Speak to our Senior Coach, speak to our President. Speak to any of our players or our Committee. Find out where the club is now, where we have come from, and where we plan to be. More importantly, ask these people how you can be a part of getting there. Be part of our plan.

Fly Higher with Tooradin!

How to get in touch with us? Send us an email from this website, contact us through the Facebook Page or come down to training and have a run with us.

Head on over to our SeniorsJuniors and Netball pages for more details of Committees, Training and Coaches.