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Junior Match Reports Round 7

Sunday 20 JUNE 2021

Under 8’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Berwick White

Tooradin-Dalmore          4          1          25
Berwick White            10          6          66

Great to be back playing footy again.

We played Berwick White at Rutter on a chilly Sunday morning, and the young gulls started a bit rusty (or cold) and it took until halfway into the first quarter to warm up start playing some seagull footy.

We matched it possession wise with Berwick and honours were even at ¼ time.

The second quarter Berwick out played us, with their taller and bigger players starting to take some big marks up forward and kicking goals.

Changes were made at half time as the young gulls started to play a much more team orientated game, with some good handpassing and impressive foot passing also. The momentum was starting to turn our way. An even 3rd quarter saw scoring slow down as the defence for both teams dominated.

The final quarter saw Tooradin dominate possession early on, but just couldn’t score when we got it forward.

A great effort from all players who kept playing until the final siren.

Keep your heads up men, see you all at training

Under 9’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Beaconsfield Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore          4          4          28
Beaconsfield Blue         5          8          38

We welcome back footy after missing 2 rounds and our boys had not lost one bit of skill. Up against a big opponent we had the lead for three quarters, but Beaconsfield just got the job done.

Our best on was Austin Grant-Collins with some impressive marks, great kicking and a goal. Other awards went to Cohen Ganey and Oakley Michie.

Goal kickers: Austin 1, Cohen 1, Taj 1, Tully 1

Under 10’s

Tooradin-Dalmore FC vs Beaconsfield Gold

Tooradin-Dalmore FC    4          4          28
Beaconsfield Gold      7          3          45

What an incredible winters day for a game of footy. Sunday saw the Under 10s move up another level to A grade. The players knew they needed to step it up and they did. It was a real arm wrestle from the start of the game.

Beaconsfield were able to kick a couple more goals than Tooradin in the first quarter. Second quarter was all Tooradin, dominating in the backline and earned that lead heading into half time. Beaconsfield hit the score board in the third quarter to hold a small lead into the final quarter.

Tooradin fought hard in the last to try and steel the win but unfortunately Beaconsfield were just too good this time. Bring on next week and more challenging games ahead for our little seagulls

Best – Java Lauterboom, Chad Stevens, Kobi Holdsworth

Gaols – Brody Alexander 2, Ryder Langley 1, Brax Lowndes

Under 11’s

Tooradin-Dalmore FC vs Beaconsfield Gold

Tooradin-Dalmore FC    3          5          23
Beaconsfield Gold      6          8          44

We were so happy to be back playing after the lockdown.

Our boys are proving to be so competitive against all the teams we are facing and although we didn’t come away with a win this weekend they should hold their heads up high regardless. We know what we need to work on, it is just all the small things, that in time will see this team of boys become amazing.

Huge shoutout to the under 10 boys who week in week out step up to fill in and help our team out. Thankyou!

Goal kickers this weekend Blake Howlett, Jack Rudeforth and Koby McLeod.

Awards this weekend Noah Cooke, Darcy Waight and Thomas Cockerill

Under 12’s

Pakenham Maroon vs Tooradin-Dalmore FC

Pakenham Maroon        4          2          26
Tooradin-Dalmore FC    4          7          31

Close hard hustle on Sunday, the Seagulls really had to work for their 4 points today. First quarter saw the seagulls with 95% of the ball but just couldn’t get it through the sticks. After a word and some encouragement from the coaches the boys turned it around, put into game play what they’ve been practicing hard at training and came away with a 5 point win. Great game boys you had us all on the edge of our seats.

Goals: 3 Jack Alexander, 1 Kane Angleton

Awards: Kane Angleton, Jack Alexander, Noah Baker, Will Murray, Declan Whittley and Noah (Jarvis) Langham

Under 12 Girls

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Beaconsfield JFC

Tooradin-Dalmore          0          0          0
Beaconsfield JFC         15          8         98

If courage and endeavour were worth points Tooradin U12 Girls would have been 10 goals in front in their game against Beaconsfield. Their determination and discipline showed how much they have improved as the season has gone on.

Well done girls!

Awards – Kayla Selleck, Kirra Johnson, Sofia Lewis, Elleni Webster.

Under 14’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Hampton Park

Tooradin-Dalmore          21         18         144
Hampton Park               1          0           6

The under 14’s are showing how strong a team they have become in 2021. Playing against Hampton Park for the second time this season, the boys all contributed to an incredible team effort.

Tooradin kept looking for the strategic plays throughout the match and were able to spot when another player could take a better shot and getting the ball to that player.

Goals by Chayse (5) Koby, Hudson, Jack S, Jayden (2 each) and one goal each to Joel, Lenny, Seth, Hunter, Vasili, Riley, Mason and Curtis

Awards to  Joel, Koby and Riley

Keep flying high Seagulls!!


Junior Match Reports Round 6

Sunday 23 MAY 2021

Under 8’s
Tooradin-Dalmore vs Nar Nar Goon Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore   14 10 94
Nar Nar Goon Blue   3  1 19

What a glorious Sunday morning for young gulls and wow did they put on an epic show. From Lukas and Caleb scoring 5 goals combined to start off our first quarter. We all were dominating the ball from the first bounce from the centre. After goal after goal the boys where itching for more. They kept their game strong and the ball moving quickly. Great game to watch boys. Keep up the great work.
Goalkickers Caleb Scott 3, Lukas Whittley 3, Tanner Hughes 1, Joseph Slade 1, Noah Burton 1 , Thomas Petersen 1, Hunter Latham 1, Bailey Seger 1, Jack Sullivan 1, Harry Vukovic 1.
Awards : Thomas Petersen, Tanner Hughes, Jack Sullivan.

Under 9’s
Narre North Foxes Black vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Narre North Foxes Black 7 10 52
Tooradin-Dalmore        5  2 32

Our under 9’s are giving it a red hot crack in A grade, they got beaten by 20 points but we couldn’t be prouder of what they are bringing to the table just so competitive. On Sunday we used a lot of the wing which is good to see the ball moving around the ground with good one on one contestant ball and again our tackling is so good. We had 3 new players, Cohen Ganey, Flynn Svaganovic and Austin Grant-Collins who all just played amazing.
Best on ground today was Tully Stewart, one of the toughest kids in the team just has eyes for the ball, other award winners were Ryder Ireland- doesn’t give up and Flynn Svaganovic – gave it a red hot crack.
Goal Kickers- Zac Lakatos 1, Oakley Michie 1, William Sargent 1, Jack Payne with 2 monster goals

Under 10’s
Tooradin-Dalmore FC vs Cranbourne Gold

Tooradin-Dalmore 22 3 135
Cranbourne Gold   3 1  19

Round 6 saw the Under 10s line up against Cranbourne Gold again after playing them on Little Demons Day.
The boys kept on their winning streak kicking goal after goal. It was great to see the boys playing as a team. Sharing to the ball around and having plenty of shots at goals. It’s good to see them building as a team and improving week after week.
Also a huge Welcome to the team Jack Murphy and congratulations on your first goal we are all so excited to have you in the team
Best – Ryder Langley, Archer Gillespie, Will Huntingford

Under 11’s
Nar Nar Goon vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Nar Nar Goon      5 0 30
Tooradin-Dalmore  2 1 13

Great game on Sunday from all our players. We started strong with a solid defence and attacking effort. All players were playing in their positions and putting into play what they had been practicing at training. It was great to see how well the boys have all taken on the extra guidance and today we could really see it paying off. Great to see the boys shepherding each other and having each other’s back throughout the whole game. They may not have come away with the win today but if we keep putting in the effort that we did today our win is not far away!
Again a massive thank you to the under 10 players who made their way across to play for us today, Koby McLeod, Brock Bydder, Ryder Langley and Max Lyne.
Awards: Koby Lieuwen, Connor Schreurs and Darcy Waight
Goals: Charlie Burgess 1, Koby McLeod 1

Under 12’s
Berwick Springs Green vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Berwick Springs Green 7 12 54
Tooradin-Dalmore      0  0  0

Tough day against Berwick Springs this week but it truly showed what an amazing bunch of boys we have representing our club. The boys fought all game, took some amazing marks, worked together as a team and never gave up. Great work on sticking to the game play and always attacking the ball. Keep working hard boys you’re amazing .
Bests: Dylan Kraskov, Riley Peck, Tyler Seger, Kane Angleton, Adam Aldridge and Connor Schreurs

Under 12 Girls
Tooradin-Dalmore vs Narre North Foxes

Tooradin-Dalmore   0  0  0
Narre North Foxes 14 10 94

On Sunday the sun did shine on the Under 12 Tooradin girls playing at home. Unfortunately it was raining goals for the Narre Warren Foxes. Our team was without a bench, so every player toughed out a full game and to their credit never stopped trying. Well done Seagulls for fighting untill the end. Hopefully next time with a full flock we will send those Foxes back to their den.

Under 14’s
Tooradin-Dalmore vs Cranbourne Gold

Tooradin-Dalmore 6 9 45
Cranbourne Gold  5 2 32

What a glorious day for a game of football! The new tent provided some shade to watch a well balanced match between Tooradin and Cranbourne Gold.

It was a close game the whole way with some great teamwork provided by all 24 players. Improvements were made by some of our less experienced players with them chasing the ball and getting into the play a lot more this week.

Goals by Chayse Campbell (2) and one goal each to Harrison Hardy, Hudson Rogers, Jack Sherer and Jayden Worrall. Awards to Logan Brown, Jack Gillespie and Cooper Pasnin.

Keep flying high Seagulls!!

Junior Match Reports Round 5

Sunday 16 May 2021

Under 8’s

Officer Blue vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Officer Blue        1          3          69
Tooradin-Dalmore    8          6          54

Sunday was an early crispy morning for our u8s this week, played in Officer! What a match that was. Officer got away from us in the first quarter, but the boys stayed positive! 2nd quarter we got a few on the score board by 4th quarter the boys have momentum and keeping the ball in our end if the field with goal after goal. Great team work once again by our team. Excellent effort Under8s.

Under 9’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Officer White

Tooradin-Dalmore    7          5          47
Berwick White:      8          11         59

Another home game today with the sun shining, it was such a competitive game against Berwick’s best under 9’s side it was good to see every kid having a crack. We are proud of how the boys are going about their football and they will never give up the fight. Blake Tounge had awesome game in the centre and back line deserving best on ground, other awards, Oakley Michie, Jayden Olsen.

Goal scorers: Zac Lakatos 1, Tommy Lupiyanto 1, Taj McLeod 1, Oakley Michie 3, Blake Tounge 2

Under 10’s

Officer White vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Officer White                0          2           2
Tooradin-Dalmore             8          7          55

This Round saw the boys go up to B grade but that didn’t stop them as they continued their winning streak playing great football around the ground in the freezing Melbourne weather.
With each game we see their skills improving, showing each team what they are made of and Sharing the footy around for everyone to get a touch.
Best – Kobi Holdsworth, Luke Kraskov & Max Lyne

Goals – Kobi Holdsworth 3, Tate Jagoe 1, Koby McLeod 1, Brody Alexander 1, Chad Stevens 1, Ryder Langley1

Under 11’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Berwick White

Tooradin-Dalmore FC          1          3          9

Berwick White                       9          6          60


What a day we had on Sunday! the wind was blowing and was probably the toughest conditions we have had to play in so far. The under 11s all took it in their stride as they faced off against Berwick. Kicking into the wind in the first half the boys struggled to get onto the board. The defensive effort was amazing down the other end against some tall Berwick players. In the second half we managed to get our only goal onto the board, Well done Blake Howlett.  To the boys’ credit they never gave up and pushed hard throughout the last half putting on 3 more points.

Huge thankyou to the parents and the players from under 10 who came and had a run with the under 11s yesterday.

And a Massive achievement to Charlie for reaching his 50 Games with Tooradin. Well done Charlie!

Awars: Ryan Warn, Charlie Burgess and Tate Jagoe

Goals: Blake Howlett

Under 12’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Narre Warren

Tooradin-Dalmore    1        2        8
Narre Warren        4        8       32 

The Under 12’s have moved up a section after grading rounds and are really looking forward to the challenges ahead. 1st challenge Narre Warren…. unfortunately they were just the better team on the day today but we have plenty to take out of such a good match.

The boys tackling and skills were again fantastic to watch this week now we need to work on applying these skills for the entire match. Well done boys you worked hard all game and got around each other, you’ll get them next time 💪 congratulations to Tucker on 50 games with the seagulls. Well done Tom Sherer

Goals 1 Jack Alexander

Bests Jack Alexander, Ryken Kinna, Noah Baker, Koby Wilson, Vijay Orsino

Under 12 Girls

Tooradin Dalmore vs Cranbourne Blue

Tooradin Dalmore      4          5          29
Cranbourne Blue       4          3          27

An improving Tooradin Under 12 Girls won a nail biting encounter against Cranbourne Blue by 2 points on a windswept oval  on Sunday. Tooradin had many good ball winners and players. Sofia Lewis, Mayla Genoni, Annie Hollaway and Kirra Johnston consistently drove the ball forward for a well earned win for the Shegulls!

Under 14’s

Beaconsfield White vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Beaconsfield White  6          4          40
Tooradin-Dalmore    5          5          35

Brodi Armstrong celebrated his 50th game on Sunday at Rutter Park and started the game on a high with kicking our first goal. Tooradin led in the first only to have Beaconsfield White take off with 3 goals to our 2 points in the second. After half time the boys kept on fighting for a win despite Beaconsfield leading by 20 points. Our boys almost brought it home in the last quarter scoring 2 goals and 3 points. Beaconsfield White unable to score. A good effort boys.

Awards Kasy Deren, Chayse Campbell, Brodi Armstrong.

Junior Match Reports Round 4

Sunday 9 MAY 2021

Under 8’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Narre North Foxes

Tooradin-Dalmore        5          2          32
Narre North             5          5          35

The under 8s took on Narre North Foxes at Rutter Park on Sunday and what an entertaining game of football we witnessed. Both teams moved the ball around the ground at a very high standard which kept the crowd entertained.

Narre North got the momentum early and held onto a comfortable lead for the entire first half. The game had skill, speed, teamwork and physical contests with both teams going hard at the ball.

The second half saw the young gulls get into their rhythm and with much better use of handball started to gain the advantage. The third quarter saw the game played in our forward zone for the majority of the quarter- with some clever play from our forwards we managed to sneak in front at the last break. The young gulls eager as ever wanted to finish the game on a high note- they did this and managed to hang on for a very close two-point victory.

The young gulls never gave up and kept playing right up until the final siren. Excellent team effort

Under 9’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Officer White

Tooradin-Dalmore       4          3          27
Officer White          9          3          57

Our Under 9’s had put up a fight on Sunday against Officer white who came out firing with 4 straight goals in the first quarter, which left the boys determined to get a score on the board & that’s exactly what they did. Our last quarter was epic to watch as we had some awesome play with Taj McLeod taking out some spectacular marks and converting them to 3 goals.

Goal scores: Taj McLeod 3, Nate Wilson 1

Awards went to Jake Van der Hayden, Jaxx Fazzino, Jack Payne

Under 10’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Narre South Lions Navy

Tooradin-Dalmore FC      5    4    34
Narre South Lions Navy   2    1    13

On Sunday the boys found a team that was matching them all over the ground. With only 1 Point scored in the first quarter, the boys had to dig deep to get a shot at goals.

With the footy going back and forth all day, every player had a good go at getting a touch. Tooradin were able to kick a couple of goals in the second quarter to open a small lead into half time. Third quarter was an even hit out again with both sides kicking 1.1. In the last it was all Tooradin, with a slight breeze the boys kicked away to cement another win.
Great job today boys let’s hope we continue to get challenged like today.

Best – Brax Lowndes, Tate Jagoe, Lachie Giles
Goals – Koby McLeod 2, Chad Stevens 1, Brodie Trounson 1, Tate Jagoe 1.

Thank you to Taj McLeod, Nate Wilson and Oakley Michie for playing up from the under 9’s

Under 11’s

Tooradin-Dalmore  vs Beaconsfield Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore       3          2         20
Beaconsfield Blue      8          10        58


On Sunday Tooradin Under 11’s were up against Beaconsfield. What a beautiful day to showcase our football in front of a home crowd. with a bit of a slow start from our boys and kicking into the wind we struggled to get the breakthrough we needed. Our defence end showed great resilience and had a couple of standout performances from our defence who are getting stronger and showing their developing skills each game. To our boys’ credit, the second half was our half. they played together as a team and moved the ball well keeping Beaconsfield scoreless in the last quarter and putting a solid effort in in our attacking end.

Thanks to all the families who stayed and supported our boys at home.

Goals – Blake Howlett – 3

Awards – Thomas Cockerill, Sebastian Condotta, Darcy Waight


Under 12’s

Narre South Lions vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Narre South Lions       5        5       35
Tooradin-Dalmore       11        6       72


What a great game to celebrate Mother’s Day, it was worth skipping breakfast in bed to watch these champs in action today. Today saw some tough boys a couple injuries some quick interchanges and they were straight back out. Well done Ryken, Will and Declan for heading back out on the field. Again, the boys talent was fantastic to watch today, they were well matched for the first half but the boys skill and fitness got them over the line. Special mention to Connor who dominated the back line today, well done mate. Great team effort today Seagulls.

Bests: Connor Leopold, Cooper Webb, Tyler Sullivan, Tom Sherer, Will Murray

Goals: 3 Tom Sherer, 2 Jack Alexander, Noah Baker, Noah Langham, 1 Tom Ryan, Dylan Kraskov

Under 12 Girls

Berwick Springs Blue vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Berwick Springs Blue              0          1          1
Tooradin-Dalmore                  3          4         22

Tooradin Girls played above and beyond on Sunday, super proud of every one of them.

In perfect conditions against Berwick Springs, a much-improved Tooradin girls U12 dominated play and controlled the game. They took a well-earned lead into the half time break and although the game became a little scrappy after half time, they rose above it all and did themselves proud and are a credit to themselves, their families and our club.

Goals – Kirra Johnson, Annie Holloway, Tayah Rogers

Awards – Sophoe Iliopoulos, Ruby Harris, Briley Skewes

Well done on your first win girls.  Sure that more wins will follow.  Go Shegulls!

Under 14’s

Hampton Park vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Hampton Park            0         0          0
Tooradin-Dalmore       23        12        150

Tooradin U14s travelled to the home of the Hampton Park Red Backs this week and come away with a very convincing Mother’s Day win. The seagulls dominated the ball like a hot chip down the foreshore, from the centre taps to the goal square The Boys did it all. The back line had a good rest likewise the Coaches!!! Go Gulls.

Junior Match Reports Round 3

Sunday 2 may 2021

Under 8’s

Berwick White vs. Tooradin Dalmore

Berwick White               7  4  46
Tooradin-Dalmore            1  6  12

The young gulls took on Berwick white on Sunday morning. The excitement of our first away game, the young gulls were ready for action.

Berwick through some good ball movement got away to an early lead as we struggled to get the ball into the forward zone in the first half. Half time came and the young gulls settled, getting into our handball possession game style the young gulls kept trying all day and finally got through the Berwick defence to get our first goal on the board, a very clever snap from Lukas.

The final quarter was a game entirely in our forward zone as the young gulls kept the ball moving and having numerous shots on goal- just couldn’t quite convert. An outstanding endeavour by these young men who kept fighting until the final siren.

Best:      Lukas Whittley, Mateo Bogunovic, Bailey Segar

Under 9’s

Tooradin Dalmore vs Cranbourne Blue

Tooradin Dalmore          10  5  65
Cranbourne                 2  0  12

Tooradin U9’s had a cracking day today earning their first win for the season against Cranbourne. The boys are starting to feel confident with themselves and each other as a team to produce good game play and having fun, also they love a good celebration after a goal which is awesome to watch.  Awards went to Zachary Lakatos Best on Ground. Will Sargent & Tommy Lupiyanto.

Goal scorers- Tommy Lupiyanto 2, Jayden  Olsen 1, Jack Payne 2, Blake Tongue 2, Jake Van der Heyden 1, Nate Wilson 1 and Opp team Fill in 1.

Under 10’s

Noble Park vs. Tooradin Dalmore

Noble Park           0   0    0
Tooradin Dalmore    18  16  124

Another great performance from all the players today.  They dominated their zones on the ground throughout the whole game. With a HUGE 11 goal kickers the boys played really well in all positions showing us what they are made of.

Best – Java Lauterboom, Brock Bydder & Brodie Trounson

Goals – Brodie T 3, Ryder 3, Kobi 2, Brock 2, Luke 1, Tate 1, Will 1, Max 1, Java 1, Chad 1, Brax 1.

Under 11’s

Officer Blue vs Tooradin-Dalmore FC

Officer Blue          11         7          73
Tooradin-Dalmore       1         1           7

Under 12’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Lyndhurst Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore          7          7          49
Lyndhurst Blue            4          5          29

Congratulations to 2 of our superstars Will Murray and Ryken Kinna on playing their 50th game today for the mighty seagulls. The boys played a ripper keeping Lyndhurst scoreless in the first and third quarter. Jarvis aka Noah Langham played a blinder today, Kane Angleton dominated in the ruck and held his own in the back line. Chayce Jackson and Tyler Seger managed to get their hands on plenty of the ball today and again we had multiple goal kickers. Well done boys another win, another 4 points

Goals: 3 Jack Alexander, 1 Adam Aldridge, Kane Angleton, Noah Baker, Noah Langham

Bests: Kane Angleton, Noah Langham, Adam Aldridge, Owen Birch, Chayce Jackson

 Under 12 Girls

Tooradin Dalmore vs. Berwick

Tooradin Dalmore    3   1   19
Berwick            12   6   78

The Under 12 Girls showed plenty of endeavour in their loss to Berwick on Sunday in warm conditions. They showed glimpses of good teamwork to go down to Berwick.

Kaela capped off a great game with two goals and Annie with one. Go Shegulls, onwards and upwards.

Under 14’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Berwick Springs Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore          6          3          39
Berwick Springs Blue      2          2          14

Under 14’s played a great game this weekend! Using the ground to their advantage and spreading the ball across the team.

Our boys held Berwick at no score for the first half of the game with some good team efforts to maintain control of the ball.

Goals to Matt Simpson (2), and 1 goal each to Lenny Goldberg, Harry Hardy, Seth Lawler and Curtis Watts.

Awards to Ben Brown, Vasili Papas and Chevy Simpson.

Junior Match Reports Round 2

friday 23 & Sunday 25 april

Under 8’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Beaconsfield Gold

Tooradin-Dalmore        10        7          67
Beaconsfield Gold        3        3          21

Finally the wait is over!  After the numerous training sessions, practice games, and young demons day we made it. Tooradin-Dalmore under 8s got to play their first footy match over 4 quarters. We played against Beaconsfield Gold at Rutter Park. Coach Dave was very pleased at how quickly the young gulls come together as a team and put together a very solid four quarter effort.

Exciting passages of play combining running, marking and passing amongst each other being the highlights in what was a very entertaining game of football. Beaconsfield themselves had their share of the ball and played very well. The sportsmanship from both sides was first class as both teams tried their hardest for the whole four quarters. Goals: Tanner 3, Thomas 2, Mateo 2, Bailey, Spencer, Harry

The young gulls won in the end.

Under 9’s

Beaconsfield Blue vs. Tooradin Dalmore

Beaconsfield Blue        6          4          40
Tooradin-Dalmore FC      3          2          20

The boys played away against Beaconsfield blue. The tried their heart out all game. Showed immense skill and demonstrated what it takes to share the ball around to their teammates. Skill level and heart were not to be questioned. The boys showed how close their relationships are in terms of encouraging their own teammates. We also had a helping hand from 2 under 8’s. Thomas and Spencer, which is dearly appreciated.
Goals were. Blake, Tommy and Zac 1 Each. Awards went to Nate Wilson and Taj McLeod

Under 10’s

Tooradin Dalmore vs. Cardinia Tigers

Tooradin-Dalmore FC  15       10        100
Cardinia Tigers       1        8         14

After a great performance last week at Little Demons day, the boys came out strong this week kicking 8 goals to 1 in the first quarter against Cardinia Tigers.

Second and third quarter saw a good contest from both sides only seeing 3 goals kicked from Tooradin.

In the last it was all the Seagulls ways with the boys sharing it around and having multiple shots on goal. Well done boys we are looking forward to a great season in 2021.

Goals – Koby McLeod 4, Java Lauterboom 3, Brody Alexander 2, Brax Lowndes 1, Tate Jagoe 1, Will Huntingford 1, Luke Kraskov 1, Brock Bydder 1, Chad Stevens 1

Best – Chad Stevens, Brody, Koby McLeod

Under 11’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs. Cranbourne Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore FC  4         7          31
Cranbourne Blue      4         5          29

What a way to start the morning with the last post played, all teams lined up and paid their respect to the ANZACs.

This must have motivated the boys as they were up and about early on. Putting in the pressure where needed and kicking a goal, (great job Koby McCleod) into the wind in the first quarter to Cranbourne 2 goals 1point.

With the wind at our back in the second quarter we were able to keep Cranbourne scoreless and put on 2 goals (great job Blake Howlett)  and 1 point down our end.

In the second half they continued their pressure and although we didn’t score the boys didn’t drop their heads. Cranbourne put 3 goals 4 on the board in the third quarter.

Last quarter rolled around, and we knew it was our time to put the foot down. With the boys all getting amongst it we were able to put on another goal (Great Job Java Lauterboom) and 6 points and keep Cranbourne scoreless again to come away with the win by 2 points!

Goal Kickers – Koby McCleod, Blake Howlett and Java Lauterboom

Awards- Charlie Burgess, Java Lauterboom and Noah Cooke

Under 12 Girls

Beaconsfield vs. Tooradin Dalmore

Beaconsfield JFC         14        8          92
Tooradin-Dalmore FC       0        0           0

Tooradin Dalmore Under 12’s girls team went down to a strong Beaconsfield on Friday night for their inaugural game of footy.

The scoreboard does not always tell the story as the Tooradin girls fought tenaciously against an opposition that was too big and too fast.

Well played to all the Tooradin girls.  Go Shegulls!

Under 12’s

Hampton Park             0          0          0
Tooradin-Dalmore FC     20         16        136

Multiple goal kickers in under 12’s today, it’s so good to see the ball being shared around and opportunities for so many players to snag a goal. Tooradin boys showed impressive talent today with lots of connection plays precision handballs and kicks, team work and plenty of talk. Well done boys on such a huge win.

Bests Will Murray, Noah Baker, Kane Angleton, Tom Ryan, Tom Sherer

Goals  Jack Alexander 4, Tom Ryan, 3 Tom Sherer, 2 Ryken Kinna, Kane Angleton, Noah Baker, Connor Leopold, Cooper Webb, Adam Aldridge all with 1 apiece.

Under 14’s

Tooradin-Dalmore        2          5          17
Narre North Foxes       5          9          39

It was great to see our under 14’s pay their respects to our Anzacs today. Watching the team stand shoulder to shoulder while the last post played was a proud moment.

Going into today I think the boys felt confident in their abilities against Narre North Foxes after playing them in a practice match a few weeks ago.

It was a close game in the first quarter with both teams on 8 at the break. We lost some ground in second quarter and held Narre North close in the second half. Final scores Narre North Foxes 5 9 39 to Tooradin 2 5 17. Goals to Hudson Rogers 2

Points to Hudson Rogers 3 Matt Simpson 1 Mason Sorenson 1.

Awards to Mason Sorenson, Brock Ryan and Matt Simpson.




Junior Match Reports Week 1

Round 1 – 18 April 2021

Under 8’s

Wow! First two games for the year at Little Demons Day! Our Under 8’s Seagulls showing great team work and great sportsmanship with only 9 players on the field ! Goal kickers today where Thomas, Tanner and Caleb. Well done boys, bring on 2021 season!!

Under 9’s

Our Under 9’s unfortunately lost both of their games at Little Demons Day. They were all over the game in the first halves, then they switched it up!  All the boys had a ball and were all smiles which is what counts at the end of the day!

Under 10’s

The Under 10’s played a really good game against Berwick North, coming away with a substantial win in their first game at Little Demons Day.  They stayed strong and also managed to come away with a great win against Cranbourne!  All the boys put in their best efforts.  Go Seagulls.

Under 11’s

Berwick Springs vs. Tooradin Dalmore

Berwick Springs  101
Tooradin Dalmore  12  

How good it was to be finally back out on the field after the year that wasn’t! The boys all put in 100% effort today with their first game stepping up onto full field. They were put on the back foot after the first quarter with 4 goals to Berwick Springs to Tooradin 0.
After regrouping at quarter time and they came out strong with 2 goals kicked by Ryan and Blake.
The boys all put in a solid defensive effort throughout the remainder of the game but unfortunately Berwick Springs blew them away in the final half.
Without a bench the boys should all be super proud of how they all ran the game out with their heads held high.
Thank you to Berwick Springs for loaning us 3 of their players, Chase, Jerome and Anu, to even out the teams.

Goals – Ryan Warn 1, Blake Howlett 1
Awards – Blake Howlett and Matt Klanja

Under 12’s

Tooradin Dalmore vs. Cranbourne Gold

Tooradin Dalmore 5  4  34
Cranbourne Gold  4  3  27

Wasn’t it great to see footy back today!!! Tooradin’s U12’s have been working hard pre-season, this year the focus is on structure, skills and of course teamwork. The boys had a really solid start today up by 14 at the first but Cranbourne are always tough and today was no exception. Tooradin boys worked hard in defense but Cranbourne managed to get 4 goals against them today. Special mention to all the new players out on the field today you were amazing.
Great work today Gulls, there’ll be plenty of challenges ahead but these little superstars are looking good.
Goals: Tom Sherer 2, Jack Alexander 1, Kane Angleton 1, Noah Langham 1
Bests: Jack Alexander, Ryken Kinna, Adam Aldridge

Under 12 Girls BYE

Under 14’s

Cranbourne Gold vs. Tooradin Dalmore

Cranbourne Gold    6 6 42
Tooradin Dalmore  14 9 93

WOW!! What an awesome start to the under 14 season!

Our season started with the combining of our under 13 and under 14 teams to become one. After having a practice match against Narre Foxes last week the team came together today to defeat Cranbourne Gold. All players played incredibly well testing out some new positions and sharing the ball around quite well.

Goals to Chayse Campbell 4, Hudson Rogers 2, Jack Sherer 2, Jack Gillespie 1, Jett Lowndes 1, Brock Ryan 1, Curtis Watts 1

Bests to Kade Howes, Hunter Lewis and Hudson Rogers.

Junior Match Reports Round 14

Sunday 4 August 2019

Under 8’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Cranbourne Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore 14 6 90
Cranbourne Blue   8 2 50

Sunday was the last game of the season for the under 8’s and what a match they played. Cranbourne trying to apply the pressure but it wasn’t distracting the Seagulls from some terrific skill and momentum. Taking their time to look and act in good timing, resulting in some clean passing and scoring. A different game to when they played this team earlier in the season. Showing that the Seagulls have really worked so hard. A great way to finish out their season. Terrific work under 8’s, a very proud coach! Go Seagulls!

Goals- Koby Mcleod 6. Brax Lowndes 3. William Klanja 2. Brock Bydder 1. Kobi Holdsworth 1. Chad Stevens 1.

Awards- Koby Mcleod, William Klanja, Ryder Langley

Under 9’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Officer Black

Tooradin-Dalmore 3 2 20
Officer Black    7 5 47

On Sunday we took on Officer Black for our final match for the season at home, even though we didn’t get to end it with a win it was a fantastic competitive game and our boys gave it their all… Well done seagulls!!!!
Thanks to our coaches for helping guide and building the fabulous team of boys all season. And massive thank you to our families for all the help and support and their assistance on game days.

Goals this week: Connor Schreurs 2 and Koby Lieuwen 1

Under 10’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Berwick North

Tooradin-Dalmore 8 1 49
Berwick North    1 3  9

Fantastic game to finish off a great season, nothing better than watching these champs walk off the ground singing our club song. 2019 has been a ripper season for this group of very talented kids, they have put in lots of hard work at training and on game day and have impressed themselves, their team mates and the crowd with their passion and skill. the coaches and parents are very proud of all of you and it’s been an absolute pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful team. Congratulations Under10’s
Awards: Cooper Webb, Jack Alexander, Will Murray, Kane Angleton
Goals: 2 Jack Alexander, Will Murray, 1 Ryken Kinna, Vijay Orsino, Tom Sherer, Tom Ryan, Cooper Webb

Under 11’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Noble Park Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore 3 3 21
Noble Park Blue  8 6 54

Round 14 and our final game of the regular season seen the Under 11s take on Noble Park at Rutter Park . In perfect condition the game was very close before noble park broke the game open kicking 3 goals in the third quarter.
Special thanks to the Under 10 boys who played back to back games to help us with numbers
Goals Logan Brown, Joel Cochrane, Lucas Davies.

Under 12’s BYE

Under 13’s Cora Lynn vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Cora Lynn        4 10 34
Tooradin-Dalmore 6  1 37

Yes that’s right we did it. We may have finished the season on the bottom of the ladder but we finished on a high with an awesome win against Cora Lynn. They boys played amazing today. They came together as a team and killed it. We may have not had the greatest season with wins but the boys have definitely grown this year. Awesome effort boys and super proud of each and every one of you.

Goal kickers were Jack Mannix x2 Koby Peck x2 Merrick Stewart Wells x1 and Oakley Bourke x1

Awards went to Jack Mannix , Jesse Sumner , Koby Peck, Hayden Stewart, Matthew Huxtable, Aaron Knight, Oakley Bourke, Foti Ploudias, Jett Lowndes, Lenny Goldberg, Jakob Martin & Daniel Taweel.

Also a massive congratulations to Harry Hardy on playing his 50th game today. Well done Harry.

Under 14’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Cranbourne Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore 7  6 48
Cranbourne Blue  6 12 48

Last game of the season and Tooradin hosted Cranbourne at Rutter Park. The team needed to win to make certain they played finals and if they lost would have to rely on other results going their way. From the opening bounce it with a tight contest with both teams playing a hard competitive brand of football. Tooradin scored early then Cranbourne not to be out done hit back and at quarter time break Tooradin held a slim lead. Over the next two quarters there was no more than a goal in the score as both teams struggled to convert opportunities and get a clear advantage over their opposition. The last quarter saw Cranbourne kick clear but Tooradin rallied to bring them within two points. A missed attempt on goal with only a minute and a half left on the clock saw Tooradin get within one point. Tooradin kept the ball locked in the forward 50 and with seconds left, managed to get some clear space for a shot on goal but it was called touched, the siren sounded and the match was a draw. We are super proud of the team, they’ve qualified for finals and anything can happen. Go Seagulls

Junior Match Reports Round 13

Sunday 28 JUly 2019

Under 8’s Lyndhurst Blue vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Lyndhurst Blue    2 3 15
Tooradin-Dalmore 14 9 93

Terrific game on Sunday for the under 8’s with some nicer playing conditions than previous weeks.
Each week this team is moving from strength to strength. Tooradin had some great talking between players and almost all the team managing to score a goal or points. Taking out a strong 78 point win against Lyndhurst. Fantastic effort Seagulls!

Goal kickers: Brock Bydder 2,Chad Stevens 2, Max Lyne 1, Kobi Holdsworth 1, Brax Lowndes 1, William Huntingford 1, Koby McLeod 1, William Klanja 1, Brodie Trounson 1, Ryder Langley 1, Lachlan Giles 1, Tate Jagoe 1.

Awards: William Huntingford, William Klanja, Luke Kraskov.

Under 9’s Hampton Park vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Hampton Park      4 2 26
Tooradin-Dalmore 12 5 77

Great win this week from our Under 9 Seagulls and with perfect weather conditions we took on Hampton Park. The boys once again displayed great sportsmanship today with sharing the ball around and with multiple goal kickers proving that they are all playing really well and working extremely hard as a team.

Goals: Cooper Brown 1, Blake Howlett 3, Jai Kennedy 5, Koby Lieuwen 1, Darcy Waight 1

Awards: Jai Kennedy and Blake Howlett

Under 10’s Cranbourne Gold vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Cranbourne Gold  5 2 32
Tooradin-Dalmore 4 3 27

Great game down to the final minute today. Seagulls were on fire in the backline stopping Cranbourne getting any score for 2 quarters. Truly a great effort. As always the gulls worked brilliantly together and proved they are a well-oiled unit. Awesome effort guys, smashing it!!
Bests: Kane Angleton, Tommy Ryan, Charlie Burgess, Will Murray, Ryken Kinna
Goals: Kane Angleton, Noah Baker, Charlie Burgess, Will Murray

Under 11’s Beaconsfield White vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Beaconsfield White 6 2 38
Tooradin-Dalmore   2 2 14

Round 13 seen our Under 11’s take on Beaconsfield under lights at Holm Park Reserve in the last away game of the year. In wet conditions the boys tried hard all night and will be better for the experience against the top team. After a close first quarter Beaconsfield took their chances kicking 3 goals to 1 . Eventually running out 24 point winners. Let’s regroup and finish the year strong against Noble Park. Go Seagulls
Goals : Cody Ray, Hudson Rodgers
Awards: Jett Evans, Hudson Rodgers, Cody Ray, Cody Mannix, Deegan Anderson, Zac Lovitt, Joel Cochrane

Under 12’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Koo Wee Rup

Tooradin-Dalmore 4 2 26
Koo Wee Rup     6 10 46

Firstly congratulations to Ben Brown and Kasy Deren on playing their 50th game, well done boys.
Sunday was our last game for the season and what a game our boys/girl delivered. Every single player should be proud of yesterday’s game to only lose by 20 points. We had so many standouts yesterday with Ben Brown playing a great game in the back line. Summah Boyd had a great game in the wing and marked some good marks and delivered some good kicks, well done to her.

Awards: Kasy Deren, Summah Boyd, Ben Brown, Kade Howes, Rawson Vandborg, Brendan Vandborg, Lenny Goldberg and Riley Fengler.
Goals: Rawson Vandborg 2 Jett Lowndes, Brock Ryan

Well done to you all and we hope to see you all next season. A big thank you to Troy our coach and Craig our assistant coach and to all the parents that helped through the season.

Under 13’s Cranbourne Blue vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Cranbourne Blue 16 25 121
Tooradin-Dalmore 0  2   2

Well on Sunday we came up against Cranbourne Blue who were a tough team especially after dropping down from Division 1 this season. The boys tried their hardest in the first half of the game but just couldn’t maintain their pressure in the last half. We were totally out played all day and only managed to get 2 points on the board in the last quarter. Our focus now goes to round 14 against Cora Lynn for the last game of the season. The boys are going to need to put in a big week on the training field to bring it all on Sunday so we can try and finish the season with a win.

Awards went to Koby Peck, Tyler Sheridan, Jakob Martin, Harry Hardy, Aaron Knight, Oakley Bourke, Merrick Stewart-Wells, Brodie Alsemgeest, Hudson Rogers & Foti Ploudias

Under 14’s Cora Lynn FC vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Cora Lynn FC     0 1  1
Tooradin-Dalmore 9 8 62

Tooradin travelled to Carlisle Park to take on Cora Lynn with both teams fighting to stay in the top 4 and play finals.

After 3 weeks of losses the team was focused on getting back to playing the brand of football that we knew we could deliver.

The team was switched on from the first bounce and with a change to the way the team lined up Tooradin took the advantage early and hit the scoreboard with 4 unanswered first term goals.

The second term saw Cora Lynn regroup and challenge the Tooradin backline but they stood strong and kept Cora Lynn scoreless again.

Our transition and ball movement saw Tooradin dominate the play in the third term. Handball linkup and accuracy by foot allowed Tooradin to have multiple forward 50 entries resulting in 2 goals. Again the team as a whole worked tirelessly to keep the opposition scoreless.

In the last quarter the players continued to push knowing that percentage would be important in cementing our spot in the top 4. The mids again dominated and ball movement through our half forwards saw more forward 50 entries and another 3 goals. Tooradin eventually ran out 61pt winners.

Goals: Brodie Matthews 4, Jai Williams 1, James Ahern 1, Panos Papas 1, Charlie Shinners 1, Kye De Little 1.

Junior Match Reports Round 12

Sunday 21 JUly 2019

Under 8’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Narre North Foxes Black

Tooradin-Dalmore        10 7 67
Narre North Foxes Black  8 5 53

Sunday’s match was terrific against Narre North. Earlier in the season this team took out a great lead against the Under 8’s Seagulls. Today’s game showed just how well the seagulls have progressed in the competition this season, by keeping the opposition working hard for the ball. There was excellent efforts all-round the ground. Sharing the ball, and anticipating what WAs happening in the game, all helped keep the Seagulls in great form. It was an amazing game to watch. This team has gone from strength to strength for their first season. Everyone getting their hands on the ball today, making it a great team win against Narre North by 14 points. Awesome efforts under 8’s! Go Seagulls!

Goals- Tate Jagoe 3, Brock Bydder 3, Ryder Langley 2, Brodie Trounson 1, Kobi Holdsworth 1.
Awards- Kobi Holdsworth. Archer Gillespie. Koby McLeod.

Under 9’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Berwick North

Tooradin-Dalmore  2 10 22
Berwick North    13  8 86

The under manned Seagulls faced Berwick North at Rutter park this week in windy conditions. Berwick got the jump on the boys in the first quarter, with the 2nd and 3rd quarter we were very competitive. Berwick got away in the last with a 6 goal quarter. Goals: 2 goals to Blake Howlett and 1 to Koby Lieuwen.

Under 10’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Lyndhurst Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore 5 6 36
Lyndhurst Blue   3 3 21

Great game in the under 10’s, the gulls showed off their speed and superb skills. Ball movement was brilliant again this week as was their fantastic team spirit. Well done each week you guys just get better and better can’t wait to see what future football holds for you all.
Bests: Owen Birch, Noah Baker, Charlie Burgess, Ryken Kinna, Jack Alexander
Goals: 1 Kane Angleton, Charlie Burgess, Will Murray, Vijay Orsino, Tom Sherer

Under 11’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Lyndhurst Orange

Tooradin-Dalmore 5 7 37
Lyndhurst Orange 4 3 27

Round 12 seen the under 11s taking on Lyndhurst at Rutter Park. Lyndhurst got the early jump kicking the first 2 goals with the wind before Tooradin kicked steadier. The second and third quarters where a real arm wrestle with Lyndhurst taking a slight lead into 3 quarter time. The final quarter seen Tooradin roar to life and dominate the quarter with their relentless pressure to lock it in there forward 50. Finally piling on 3 goals to run out 10 point winners.

Goals: Jayden Worrall 2, Hudson Rodgers 1, Mathew Simpson 1 , Lucas Davies 1
Awards: Lincoln Schreurs, Matthew Simpson, Connor Schreurs, Logan Brown, Luke Lombard, Samuel Kovac, Toby Bagnato

Under 12’s Noble Park vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Noble Park       5 3 33
Tooradin-Dalmore 2 3 15

Sunday we played away at Ross Reserve and the first quarter Brock Ryan as our ruckman kept winning the hits outs and he also put us first on the score board with the first goal of the game. Well done Brock for winning pretty much all the hit outs. Every player yesterday knew it was going to be a tough game playing against the second team, last time we played we got smashed, yesterday proved that if we play as a team and they all put in effort they have the potential to beat top teams.
Another stand out to the game was Kasy Deren who played one of his best games of the year and everywhere the ball was he was there to win the ball to our end. Jett Lowndes also played one of his best games of the year with some great marks and going in hard. I could mention so many but everyone played fantastic and should be so proud of their game even though we lost, to our coaches it was a win to us. All the parents were so happy with how we played yesterday and we walked off smiling because it was a very close game. Let’s take this game as a big positive and show that we still have a chance to beat the top team. A massive congratulations to Sebastian Cooke who played his 50th game.
Awards: Kasy Deren, Brock Ryan, Brodi Armstrong, Sebastian Cooke, Curtis Watts, Tyson Lovitt, Jett Lowndes and Chase Mackrell
Goals: Brock Ryan and Jack Sherer

Under 13’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Berwick North

Tooradin-Dalmore 2 5 17
Berwick North    9 8 62

Well perfect conditions for Koby Peck, Jakob Martin and Ashtyn Paku playing their 50th games today. The sun was out and the ball out of our hands and in the hands of Berwick north for most of the game. We came out fighting in the second quarter to keep them scoreless but they just over run us in the 3rd and taking a 40 point lead heading into the last quarter. We didn’t manage the win but we still kept trying. Also a massive thanks to Joel Cochrane and Matt Simpson for playing up for us – we really appreciate your help.

Goal kicker was Jack Mannix with 2 goals

Award winners this week : Ashtyn Paku, Lachlan Plant, Aaron Knight, Koby Peck, Jessie Sumner, Mason Dicks, Tyler Sheridan, Jack Mannix, Merrick Stewart-Wells, Brodie Alsemgeest, Joel Cochrane, Matt Simpson & Foti Ploudias.

Under 14’s Beaconsfield Blue vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Beaconsfield Blue 5 2 32
Tooradin-Dalmore  2 5 17

Today we travelled to Upper Beaconsfield to take on Beaconsfield Blue. With finals approaching it was important that the team secured a win after recent losses.

The first quarter saw Beaconsfield get off to a strong start and put on early goals. Tooradin was able to hit the scoreboard, when Jessie Craven returning from injury snapped from a pack to reduce the margin to 11 pts.

The second quarter was a tight contest with limited scoring. Tooradin had the majority of the play but was unable to convert any goals.

During the third term Tooradin’s backline continued to work hard only conceding 1 goal from multiple Beaconsfield forward entries. Tooradin was still in the contest and the coach rallied the team to give it their all in the last term.

The majority of the play was in Tooradin’s forward half all quarter. Brodie Campbell conveyed a set shot from a strong pack mark and reduced the margin back to 15pts. The backline held Beaconsfield scoreless in the last half but time ran out and Beaconsfield were worthy winners on the day.

Congratulations to Charlie Shinners who played his 100th game and was in the best players for the day.

Goals: Jesse Craven 1, Brodie Campbell 1.