Veterans Football

2021 Veterans Fixture

Veterans Competition Rules

The following Competition Rules are in place for 2021:

  • Finals Qualification will remain at 3 games.
  • Quarter length will remain at 20 mins each.
  • The winning Margin cap of 80 pts will be IN for season 2021.
  • The Evening up rule for players on the ground will be IN for 2021.
  • When a ball goes out of bounds, a ball up will take place by the field umpire, approximately 15 m in from the boundary line where the ball went out.
  • The man on the mark at a Kick-in will be placed 15 m from the top of the Goal Square. (Clubs are to place a white Dot at this point to assist the field umpires).
  • The “Stand rule” is in for season 2021.

A further reminder of Veterans specific rules which our Umpires will also be reminded of are:

Veterans’ players must attain the age of thirty-five (35) years of age by the 31 December during the year of play.