Junior Match Reports Round 10

Sunday 30 JUNE 2019

Under 8’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Officer White

Tooradin-Dalmore 14 10 94
Officer White     2  5 17

What a terrific game played ton Sunday at our home ground against Officer.
The game was quick to gain momentum as the Seagulls kicked goal after goal.
The boys were showing some great kicking and marking as well as great leading skills.
They kept their opposition working hard, but Sunday was a win for the Seagulls. Great sportsmanship boys. Well done team!

Under 9’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Nar Nar Goon

Tooradin-Dalmore 4 7 31
Nar Nar Goon     8 7 55

This week our Under 9 seagulls went up against Nar Nar Goon at Rutter Park, even though we didn’t walk away with a win today our boys played a very impressive and exciting game they definitely gave it their all up against the strongest team in the league.
Goals this week- Connor Schreurs 4
Awards the week- the whole team got an award this week from coach Shannon due to their outstanding effort.
Also a special thank you to Dylan Kraskov for filling in

Under 10’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Pakenham Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore 5 2 32
Pakenham Blue    2 3 15

Amazing game today in very windy conditions, again with only one scoring end this week, the Seagulls worked hard to ensure that they took full advantage of the wind. As always they played well as a team and were aware of where their opposition players were. The Seagulls are really starting to understand the game structure and it truly shows as they just keep getting better and better. Legends!!
Bests: Bodhi Dean, Jack Alexander, Cooper Webb, Tom Ryan and Jayden Corn.
Goals: Bodhi Dean, Noah Baker, Will Murray, Tom Ryan and Cooper Webb.

Under 11’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Narre South Lions Navy

Tooradin-Dalmore       6 9 45
Narre South Lions Navy 1 4 10

Round 10 seen the Under 11’s host Narre Warren Lions in very tough windy conditions. Kicking into the wind in the first quarter the boys did an incredible job keeping the Lions to just one goal. The second quarter seen us take advantage of the wind kicking 3.5. The second half seen the boys keep the Lions goalless while piling on another 3 goals in the last. A terrific 4 quarter effort from the boys.

Also a big congratulations to the Logan Brown, Lucas Davies and Samuel Kovac on bringing up their 50 games. Well done and enjoy the break

Goals: Cody Ray 2, Logan brown 1, Hudson Rogers 1, Lincoln Schreurs 1, Matthew Simpson 1

Under 12’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Fountain Gate

Tooradin-Dalmore 1  7 13
Fountain Gate    3 10 28

On Sunday we played at home against Fountain Gate. It was a great competition by both teams. Fountain Gate’s defence was fantastic for Tooradin to only kick 1 goal for the whole game so credit to Fountain Gate. Also congratulations to Brock Ryan on his 100th game who played a good 4 quarters.
Awards: Curtis Watts, Brendan Vandborg, Lenny Goldberg, Jack Sherer, Summah Boyd, Seb Cooke, Cooper Pasnin, Jett Lowndes, Brodi Armstrong, Riley Sherwood and Riley Fengler.
Goals: Brendan Vandborg 1 goal.

Under 13’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Berwick Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore 3 5 23
Berwick Blue    10 8 68

On Sunday Tooradin under 13s came up against Berwick Blue. Berwick took the lead in the first quarter leaving us scoreless. We came out fighting hard in the second and managed to keep the score lower. A good break at half time we regrouped and managed to score our first goal in the third quarter. Fourth quarter we came out all guns blazing and it sure showed. The determination of the boys to kick more goals and that we did. The boys managed to score another 2 goals and 5 points. It still didn’t give us the win but they sure gave it their all.

A massive congratulations to Hayden Stewart on playing his 50th game

Goal kickers this week were Merrick Stewart-Wells, Jack Mannix & Ashtyn Paku

Awards : Ashtyn Paku, Aaron Knight, Koby Peck, Tyler Sheridan, Jack Mannix, Daniel Taweel, Oakley Bourke, Merrick Stewart-Wells, Hayden Stewart, Matthew Huxtable,

Under 14’s Berwick Blue vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Berwick Blue     3 14 32
Tooradin-Dalmore 4  3 27

Tooradin started off with only 17 players against Berwick, and fought hard in the first quarter with no goals kicked.
By half time, Tooradin was a couple of goals down but still didn’t give up.
The last quarter showed some great tackles and some good running from Fergus Goldberg, with Brody Matthews hard at the ball with a close finish. The game could have gone either way, but unfortunately it was a 5 point loss but the boys should keep their heads up with a week off before we play the top side.
Goal kickers: Tyler Kirkbride, Brodie Matthews, Tyler Dalgleish, Bailey Wear.