Junior Match Reports Round 6

Sunday 23 MAY 2021

Under 8’s
Tooradin-Dalmore vs Nar Nar Goon Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore   14 10 94
Nar Nar Goon Blue   3  1 19

What a glorious Sunday morning for young gulls and wow did they put on an epic show. From Lukas and Caleb scoring 5 goals combined to start off our first quarter. We all were dominating the ball from the first bounce from the centre. After goal after goal the boys where itching for more. They kept their game strong and the ball moving quickly. Great game to watch boys. Keep up the great work.
Goalkickers Caleb Scott 3, Lukas Whittley 3, Tanner Hughes 1, Joseph Slade 1, Noah Burton 1 , Thomas Petersen 1, Hunter Latham 1, Bailey Seger 1, Jack Sullivan 1, Harry Vukovic 1.
Awards : Thomas Petersen, Tanner Hughes, Jack Sullivan.

Under 9’s
Narre North Foxes Black vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Narre North Foxes Black 7 10 52
Tooradin-Dalmore        5  2 32

Our under 9’s are giving it a red hot crack in A grade, they got beaten by 20 points but we couldn’t be prouder of what they are bringing to the table just so competitive. On Sunday we used a lot of the wing which is good to see the ball moving around the ground with good one on one contestant ball and again our tackling is so good. We had 3 new players, Cohen Ganey, Flynn Svaganovic and Austin Grant-Collins who all just played amazing.
Best on ground today was Tully Stewart, one of the toughest kids in the team just has eyes for the ball, other award winners were Ryder Ireland- doesn’t give up and Flynn Svaganovic – gave it a red hot crack.
Goal Kickers- Zac Lakatos 1, Oakley Michie 1, William Sargent 1, Jack Payne with 2 monster goals

Under 10’s
Tooradin-Dalmore FC vs Cranbourne Gold

Tooradin-Dalmore 22 3 135
Cranbourne Gold   3 1  19

Round 6 saw the Under 10s line up against Cranbourne Gold again after playing them on Little Demons Day.
The boys kept on their winning streak kicking goal after goal. It was great to see the boys playing as a team. Sharing to the ball around and having plenty of shots at goals. It’s good to see them building as a team and improving week after week.
Also a huge Welcome to the team Jack Murphy and congratulations on your first goal we are all so excited to have you in the team
Best – Ryder Langley, Archer Gillespie, Will Huntingford

Under 11’s
Nar Nar Goon vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Nar Nar Goon      5 0 30
Tooradin-Dalmore  2 1 13

Great game on Sunday from all our players. We started strong with a solid defence and attacking effort. All players were playing in their positions and putting into play what they had been practicing at training. It was great to see how well the boys have all taken on the extra guidance and today we could really see it paying off. Great to see the boys shepherding each other and having each other’s back throughout the whole game. They may not have come away with the win today but if we keep putting in the effort that we did today our win is not far away!
Again a massive thank you to the under 10 players who made their way across to play for us today, Koby McLeod, Brock Bydder, Ryder Langley and Max Lyne.
Awards: Koby Lieuwen, Connor Schreurs and Darcy Waight
Goals: Charlie Burgess 1, Koby McLeod 1

Under 12’s
Berwick Springs Green vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Berwick Springs Green 7 12 54
Tooradin-Dalmore      0  0  0

Tough day against Berwick Springs this week but it truly showed what an amazing bunch of boys we have representing our club. The boys fought all game, took some amazing marks, worked together as a team and never gave up. Great work on sticking to the game play and always attacking the ball. Keep working hard boys you’re amazing .
Bests: Dylan Kraskov, Riley Peck, Tyler Seger, Kane Angleton, Adam Aldridge and Connor Schreurs

Under 12 Girls
Tooradin-Dalmore vs Narre North Foxes

Tooradin-Dalmore   0  0  0
Narre North Foxes 14 10 94

On Sunday the sun did shine on the Under 12 Tooradin girls playing at home. Unfortunately it was raining goals for the Narre Warren Foxes. Our team was without a bench, so every player toughed out a full game and to their credit never stopped trying. Well done Seagulls for fighting untill the end. Hopefully next time with a full flock we will send those Foxes back to their den.

Under 14’s
Tooradin-Dalmore vs Cranbourne Gold

Tooradin-Dalmore 6 9 45
Cranbourne Gold  5 2 32

What a glorious day for a game of football! The new tent provided some shade to watch a well balanced match between Tooradin and Cranbourne Gold.

It was a close game the whole way with some great teamwork provided by all 24 players. Improvements were made by some of our less experienced players with them chasing the ball and getting into the play a lot more this week.

Goals by Chayse Campbell (2) and one goal each to Harrison Hardy, Hudson Rogers, Jack Sherer and Jayden Worrall. Awards to Logan Brown, Jack Gillespie and Cooper Pasnin.

Keep flying high Seagulls!!