Junior Match Reports Round 6

Sunday 26 MAY 2019

Under 8’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Lyndhurst Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore     8        12       60

Lyndhurst Blue       7        11       53

What a great game the boys played against Lyndhurst Blue. The boys are really doing well sharing the ball around, looking ahead, creating space and watching their surrounds. Some great defending skills seen on Sunday and more talking between each other.

These skills saw them working hard and taking out the win by 7 points. Some great competition seen today, well done team, and to the families cheering encouragement to the boys from the sidelines, they love it.

Goal kickers- Chad Stevens 3, Java Lauterboom 2, Koby McLeod 2, Brodie Trounson 1.

Awards – Max Lyne, Java Lauterboom, Chad Stevens, Tate Jagoe

Under 9’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Hampton Park

Tooradin-Dalmore     0        0        89

Hampton Park          0        3        3

What a performance from our Tooradin under 9s this week. The boys played an outstanding game against Hampton Park at our home ground and took out another win!! We also got welcome back Blake Howlett and Lucas Baker to the team this week. Each week our boys are improving dramatically and most importantly having a great time out on the field, keep up the great work everyone.

Goals kicked this week- Blake Howlett 4, Kye Hughes 1, Jai Kennedy 2, Connor Schreurs 2 and Ryan Warn 3

Awards – Blake Howlett, Lucas Baker, Blake Mackrell, Connor Schreurs, Ryan Warn, Jack Rudeforth and Darcy Waight.

Under 10’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Koo Wee Rup

Tooradin-Dalmore     2        4        16

Koo Wee Rup          6        4        40

It was our first week playing full ground against a strong Koo Wee Rup side. Well done Seagulls, what a great game.

Unfortunately the wind played a big part in Sunday’s game with both teams only scoring in the 2 quarters when kicking with the wind. The Seagulls played overtime in defence and their hard work really paid off. This young teams of guns is getting stronger every week, they listen, train hard and have a great team spirit Watch this space!!

Goals: Jack Alexander, Ryken Kinna.

Bests: Declan Whittley, Bodhi Dean, Tom Ryan, Nate Cuthbertson and Jayden Corn. 

Under 11’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Pakenham Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore     12       11       83

Pakenham Blue         3        1        19

Round 6 seen the seagulls at home against Pakenham.  Pakenham got the early jump with the wind scoring the first 2 goals of the game.  The Seagulls dominated the second quarter piling on 6 goals with the wind. The pressure was outstanding across the whole ground never giving the Lions an easy possession.  Great game boys!

Great to see a win with three of the boys – Hudson Rogers, Jayden Worrall and Joel Cochrane all playing their 50th game.

Goals – Hudson Rogers 3, Cody Ray 3, Joel Cochrane 2, Darcy Freeman 1, Chevy Simpson 1, Jayden Worrall 1

Awards –  Joel Cochrane, Matthew Simpson, Lincoln Schreurs, Luke Lombard, Darcy Freeman  and Zac Lovitt.

Under 12’s Pakenham Blue vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Pakenham Blue         3        4        22

Tooradin-Dalmore      3        3        21

Our team was put up from Div 3 to Div 2 and the boys/girl played at this level and worked so hard. They had some great competition to really put their skill level to the test. Both teams were level at first quarter with one goal each and what a great first goal from Jack Sherer it was! Well done Jack. Come second quarter both teams were scoreless. Then Pakey came into the third quarter to kick the next two goal giving them the lead. One quarter left and Tooradin did not give up. Summah Boyd went back on from an injury to kick the next goal and the boys/girl knew that they still had a chance to win. It all came down to the last few minutes when the great Tyson Lovitt kicked the next goal to make it 1 point the difference. Our boys/girl should be so proud of their game on Friday night as they played at Div 2 level, well done to you all. We may not have won but you gave it your all.

GOALS: Jack Sherer, Summah Boyd, Tyson Lovitt. 

Under 13’s Endeavour Hills vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Endeavour Hills         12       6        78

Tooradin-Dalmore         1      1          7

Round 6 brought us up against Endeavour Hills. After a great win last week our boys took to the field with courage and determination. First quarter they were hungry for the ball and put up a fight which got them the first goal. Second quarter the boys seemed to drop their heads after Endeavour Hills kicked quite a few goals. After a good chat at half time the boys went out with a fight and managed to get a point. We didn’t manage to take the win this week but they all played a great game and didn’t stop fighting for it.

Well done boys you played great. A big thanks to Jett Lowndes and Riley Sherwood for stepping up from under 12’s to help us out.

Goal kicker this week was Aaron Knight.

Awards went to Ashtyn Paku, Lachlan Plant, Oakley Bourke, Will Studham, Matthew Huxtable, Foti Ploudias, Jessie Sumner, Jett Lowndes and Riley Sherwood. Well done Seagulls! 

Under 14’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Cora Lynn FC

Tooradin-Dalmore     8        8        56

Cora Lynn            1        5        11

After a good win last Sunday and a strong week on the training track, Tooradin U14’s hosted Cora Lynn at home.

Kicking with the wind in the first quarter the midfield quickly asserted itself on the opposition with good ball use and quick hands. Brodie Campbell’s ruck work was dominate and gave the mids first use of the ball. Multiple entries provided plenty of opportunity and continuing his good form, Tyler Kirkbride hit the scoreboard giving the team a 3 goal lead at quarter time.

The backline who have played well together all year worked hard during the second term as Cora Lynn, kicking with the wind, started to get into the game. Cora Lynn scored early in the quarter but the backline pressure only conceded the one goal. Not being discouraged the team started to move the ball by hand against the wind and with a fast entry into our forward line Tyler Dalgleish marked in front of goal and converted to give the team an 18pt lead at half time.

The 3rd quarter saw the boys continue to run and carry the ball, the backline kept the opposition scoreless and with one of the best goals of the year, Brodie Matthews on the wing gathered the ball and streaming into forward fifty with multiple bounces, steadied and delivered and goal from 35mtrs out. Two further goals saw the margin extended to 38pts.

Cora Lynn kicking with the wind in the last quarter threatened early and again the backline stood up and didn’t drop their heads once. The mids continued to provide run and carry and the teams tackling pressure was relentless. Another goal saw the margin extend to 45pts as Cora Lynn were again kept scoreless in the quarter.