Junior Match Reports Round 7

Sunday 20 JUNE 2021

Under 8’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Berwick White

Tooradin-Dalmore          4          1          25
Berwick White            10          6          66

Great to be back playing footy again.

We played Berwick White at Rutter on a chilly Sunday morning, and the young gulls started a bit rusty (or cold) and it took until halfway into the first quarter to warm up start playing some seagull footy.

We matched it possession wise with Berwick and honours were even at ¼ time.

The second quarter Berwick out played us, with their taller and bigger players starting to take some big marks up forward and kicking goals.

Changes were made at half time as the young gulls started to play a much more team orientated game, with some good handpassing and impressive foot passing also. The momentum was starting to turn our way. An even 3rd quarter saw scoring slow down as the defence for both teams dominated.

The final quarter saw Tooradin dominate possession early on, but just couldn’t score when we got it forward.

A great effort from all players who kept playing until the final siren.

Keep your heads up men, see you all at training

Under 9’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Beaconsfield Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore          4          4          28
Beaconsfield Blue         5          8          38

We welcome back footy after missing 2 rounds and our boys had not lost one bit of skill. Up against a big opponent we had the lead for three quarters, but Beaconsfield just got the job done.

Our best on was Austin Grant-Collins with some impressive marks, great kicking and a goal. Other awards went to Cohen Ganey and Oakley Michie.

Goal kickers: Austin 1, Cohen 1, Taj 1, Tully 1

Under 10’s

Tooradin-Dalmore FC vs Beaconsfield Gold

Tooradin-Dalmore FC    4          4          28
Beaconsfield Gold      7          3          45

What an incredible winters day for a game of footy. Sunday saw the Under 10s move up another level to A grade. The players knew they needed to step it up and they did. It was a real arm wrestle from the start of the game.

Beaconsfield were able to kick a couple more goals than Tooradin in the first quarter. Second quarter was all Tooradin, dominating in the backline and earned that lead heading into half time. Beaconsfield hit the score board in the third quarter to hold a small lead into the final quarter.

Tooradin fought hard in the last to try and steel the win but unfortunately Beaconsfield were just too good this time. Bring on next week and more challenging games ahead for our little seagulls

Best – Java Lauterboom, Chad Stevens, Kobi Holdsworth

Gaols – Brody Alexander 2, Ryder Langley 1, Brax Lowndes

Under 11’s

Tooradin-Dalmore FC vs Beaconsfield Gold

Tooradin-Dalmore FC    3          5          23
Beaconsfield Gold      6          8          44

We were so happy to be back playing after the lockdown.

Our boys are proving to be so competitive against all the teams we are facing and although we didn’t come away with a win this weekend they should hold their heads up high regardless. We know what we need to work on, it is just all the small things, that in time will see this team of boys become amazing.

Huge shoutout to the under 10 boys who week in week out step up to fill in and help our team out. Thankyou!

Goal kickers this weekend Blake Howlett, Jack Rudeforth and Koby McLeod.

Awards this weekend Noah Cooke, Darcy Waight and Thomas Cockerill

Under 12’s

Pakenham Maroon vs Tooradin-Dalmore FC

Pakenham Maroon        4          2          26
Tooradin-Dalmore FC    4          7          31

Close hard hustle on Sunday, the Seagulls really had to work for their 4 points today. First quarter saw the seagulls with 95% of the ball but just couldn’t get it through the sticks. After a word and some encouragement from the coaches the boys turned it around, put into game play what they’ve been practicing hard at training and came away with a 5 point win. Great game boys you had us all on the edge of our seats.

Goals: 3 Jack Alexander, 1 Kane Angleton

Awards: Kane Angleton, Jack Alexander, Noah Baker, Will Murray, Declan Whittley and Noah (Jarvis) Langham

Under 12 Girls

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Beaconsfield JFC

Tooradin-Dalmore          0          0          0
Beaconsfield JFC         15          8         98

If courage and endeavour were worth points Tooradin U12 Girls would have been 10 goals in front in their game against Beaconsfield. Their determination and discipline showed how much they have improved as the season has gone on.

Well done girls!

Awards – Kayla Selleck, Kirra Johnson, Sofia Lewis, Elleni Webster.

Under 14’s

Tooradin-Dalmore vs Hampton Park

Tooradin-Dalmore          21         18         144
Hampton Park               1          0           6

The under 14’s are showing how strong a team they have become in 2021. Playing against Hampton Park for the second time this season, the boys all contributed to an incredible team effort.

Tooradin kept looking for the strategic plays throughout the match and were able to spot when another player could take a better shot and getting the ball to that player.

Goals by Chayse (5) Koby, Hudson, Jack S, Jayden (2 each) and one goal each to Joel, Lenny, Seth, Hunter, Vasili, Riley, Mason and Curtis

Awards to  Joel, Koby and Riley

Keep flying high Seagulls!!