Junior Match Reports Round 9

Sunday 23 JUNE 2019

Under 8’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Berwick White

Tooradin-Dalmore 11 8 74
Berwick White    11 8 74

The fog didn’t lift on Sunday morning and the 4 degree chill definitely shocked the boys as they played in the coldest conditions so far this season. It was great to have the full team back on ground with all the parents supporting on the sidelines.
The opposition was strong, and kept the Seagulls working hard. The ball going back and forth the ground consistently for the first half. The third quarter saw Berwick push harder with some great skill and getting in front.
The last quarter was amazing to watch, with Tooradin focusing, showing some precise kicking, passing of the ball and some great leading skills, then catching up to Berwick. An awesome goal on the siren and game was a draw. Fantastic team efforts to everyone.
Goal kickers – Java Lauterboom 2, Ryder Langley 2, Tate Jagoe 2, Max Lyne 1, Kobi Holdsworth 1, Brax Lowndes 1, William Huntingford 1, Lachlan Giles 1,
Awards – Archer Gillespie, Java Lauterboom & Brodie Trounson.

Under 9’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Officer Navy

Tooradin-Dalmore 23 11 149
Officer Navy      1  0   6

On Sunday our Under 9’s took on Officer Navy at our home ground at Rutter Park. Even with some really hard weather conditions to play in, once again our boys played a fantastic game. Each week we are continuing to see the boys team work and ball skills improving dramatically. It was a great team effort by all…

Goals this week – Connor Schreurs 6, Blake Howlett 4, Kye Hughes 4, Beau Fazzino 3, Copper Brown 2, Koby Lieuwen 2, and Ryan Warn 1

Awards this week – Connor Schreurs, Beau Fazzino and Kye Hughes

Also a very big thank you to Chad Stevens, Brax Lowndes, Ryder Langley and Kobi Holdsworth from the under 8’s for helping us out – you all played an awesome game!!!

Under 10’s Cora Lynn vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Cora Lynn        0 0  0
Tooradin-Dalmore 7 7 49

Great game on Sunday by the Seagulls, they absolutely smashed it out there. They all followed instructions, worked as a team and between them all they managed to set up lots of scoring shots. It’s not always about who kicks the goals as it takes a whole team effort to put a score on the board. Great pressure in defence and fantastic skills and smarts when attacking the ball. Brilliant game to watch, so proud!
Bests: Tom Sherer, Dylan Kraskov, Cooper Webb, Maeve Goldberg, Will Murray
Goals: Jack Alexander 1, Noah Baker 1, Charlie Burgess 1, Nate Cuthbertson 1, Bodhi Dean 1 and Tom Ryan 2.

Under 11’s Noble Park Blue vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Noble Park Blue   6 3 39
Tooradin-Dalmore  6 5 41

Round 9 saw the under 11’s head out to Noble Park. Under heavy fog and cold conditions the boys went goalless in the first quarter. Lucas Davies got us on the board in a tight second quarter. In the third quarter the whole team really lifted led by the midfield and a 3 goal quarter up forward by Hudson Rogers. Cody Ray kicked our only goal of the last quarter as Noble Park hit back hard but the boys managed to hang on to a 2 point win. Sensational win boys considering we had no bench for the day. Well done!
Goals: Hudson Rogers 3, Cody Ray 2, Lucas Davies 1
Awards: Sam Kovac, Hudson Rogers, Luke Lombard, Deegan Anderson, Jett Evans, Cody Ray

Under 12’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Narre South Lions Navy

Tooradin-Dalmore        1 3  9
Narre South Lions Navy 13 9 87

Sunday was a tough game for our boys/girl especially with so much fog on the ground. Our boys/girl did their best today and need to take this loss and turn it into a positive, ready for the next game. GO SEAGULLS.
AWARDS: Kade Howes, Lenny Goldberg, Rawson Vandborg, Jack Sherer, Tyson Lovitt, Noah Harrington, Chase Mackrell
GOALS: Jack Sherer

Under 13’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Pakenham Blue

Tooradin-Dalmore 1  0   6
Pakenham Blue   16 12 108

Well on Sunday we were up against Pakenham Blue who are sitting top of the ladder which meant we had our work cut out for us. In the extremely cold and foggy conditions we took the field and tried our best against the top side however they were just too strong for us. The boys fought hard and we managed a goal in the last quarter.
A massive thanks to all the boys who played up today.
Goal kicker: Jack Sherer

Awards: Jack Mannix, Matthew Huxtable, Koby Peck, Ashtyn Paku, Daniel Taweel, Cody Mannix, Matt Simpson, Joel Cochrane, Jayden Worrall, Brendan Vandborg, Rawson Vandborg, Jack Sherer

Under 14’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Noble Park

Tooradin-Dalmore 0 5  5
Noble Park       7 7 49

On a foggy Sunday afternoon 18 Tooradin Seagulls took to their rather foggy nest. Whilst they couldn’t see each other, their opponents or the goal posts they continued to play the game until Noble Park called the game off because they felt it was too foggy and deemed it unsafe to play.
The Seagulls weren’t happy with this call because at the time they were winning and wanted to finish the game.
There was a lot of discussion; and calls made from Coaches to Presidents to umpires to SEJ to help decide what the rulings were. Finally, after 45 minutes the game was to continue or a forfeit was to be made on behalf of Noble Park. The Seagulls were up and about, ready to go out and play some serious foggy footy.
I’m not sure whether the anger of the Noble bulls got them all fired up or the confidence of our gulls made them over confident but what ensued next was not what was expected. The gulls were behind, timid and seemed scared of going in hard, except for Vasili Papas.
We did not kick a goal for the entire match, surely it was because we couldn’t see the posts? Why then did the Noble bulls kick 7? A game we will remember sourly.