Junior Match Reports Round 8

Sunday 16 JUNE 201

Under 8’s Beaconsfield Blue vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Beaconsfield Blue 13 14 92
Tooradin-Dalmore   9  5 59

A beautiful morning to play an away game against Beaconsfield. They were one of the stronger teams in the competition so far this season. The gap was kept very close for the first half of the match. The Seagulls working very hard to keep up with the opposition.
In the third quarter, Beaconsfield ran away with the match. In the last quarter, Tooradin scoring goal for goal with the opposition and picking up some great momentum, unfortunately not quite enough to take out the win this time. A great effort all round. Keep it up under 8’s!
Goal Kickers – Brock Bydder 3. Koby Mcleod 2. Tate Jagoe 1. William Huntingford 1. Chad Stevens 1.
Awards – Chad Stevens, Kobi Holdsworth, Ryder Langley.

Under 9’s Endeavour Falcons vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Endeavour Falcons 3 1 19
Tooradin-Dalmore 11 5 71

What an amazing game on Sunday for our U9s. We took on Endeavour Falcons at their home ground. Our boys played their best game yet this year, it was absolutely amazing to watch…
The boys have been training hard the past few weeks and their hard work is definitely paying off!!!

Awards this week- Connor Schreurs ,Jai Kennedy, Darcy Waight and Blake Howlett
Goals this week- Jai Kennedy 3, Connor Schreurs 4, Koby Lieuwen 1, Blake Howlett 2, Kye Hughes 1.

Under 10’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Nar Nar Goon

Tooradin-Dalmore 0 1  1
Nar Nar Goon     3 1 19

Sunday was a low scoring game in under 10’s but gee was it played out with plenty of heart. Both teams were strong in defence, Tooradin laid lots of hard tackles and worked hard at the bottom of the packs. The mid fielders were under intense pressure as the ball travelled up and down the field consistently, there was minimal rest for all players. Overall the coaching staff are super proud of the Seagulls efforts today, they were hard, they worked as a team and were always positive. Well done, rest up tonight guys you deserve it.
Bests Ryken Kinna, Tom Ryan, Nate Cutherbertson, Declan Whittley, Noah Baker

Under 11’s Tooradin-Dalmore vs Beaconsfield White

Tooradin-Dalmore   4 4 28
Beaconsfield White 8 4 52

Round 8 seen the under 11s at home against Beaconsfield. In perfect weather the boys battled hard against the top team. Their tackling and pressure was great all day. In the end the opposition was just too good on Sunday. Great effort boys.
Goals – Cody Ray 2, Joel Cochrane 1, Darcy Freeman 1
Awards- Sam Kovac, Jett Evans, Darcy Freeman, Jack Gillespie, Lucas Davies, Cody Mannix

Under 12’s Cranbourne Blue vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Cranbourne Blue  6 7 43
Tooradin-Dalmore 8 5 53

What a great game we witnessed on Sunday by our under 12s. Firstly welcome back to Riley Fengler who had his first game today and even snagged a goal. Well done! Callum Scorah also had his first game back after a few weeks off from an injury. He played an outstanding game just like everyone of the players, who all played well using their skill and effort. All 19 players should be so proud of this win today. Today was a great competition by both teams. The last quarter Cranbourne fought back with it only being minutes away from the final siren to be only a goal the difference when Jack kicked it to Summah in the last minutes. For Summah to fight to get a quick hold to kick the winning goal. Well done to Cranbourne for a great game. GO SEAGULLS.
AWARDS: Chase Mackrell, Jack Sherer, Brock Ryan, Riley Fengler, Brendan Vandborg, Callum Scorah, Thomas Rudeforth
Goals: 3 Brendan Vandborg, 2 Jack Sherer, 1 Lenny Goldberg, 1 Summah Boyd, 1 Riley Fengler.

Under 13’s Officer Blue vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Officer Blue    12 7 79
Tooradin-Dalmore 2 2 14

Well another game done for our under 13 boys. On Sunday, we came up against Officer Blue who just seemed to come out with all guns blazing. Our boys just couldn’t seem to keep up with their pace. We managed to put a score on the board but it just wasn’t enough. A massive thanks to Cody Ray, Cody Mannix, Joel Cochrane and Jack Sherer for playing up today. You boys totally smashed it.

Goal kickers were Jack Sherer and Joel Cochrane
Awards went to Koby Peck, Tyler Sheridan, Merrick Stewart-Wells, Brodie Alsemgeest, Matthew Huxtable, Foti Ploudias, Joel Cochrane, Cody Ray, Cody Mannix and Jack Sherer
Better luck next week boys!

Under 14’s Berwick Springs Green vs Tooradin-Dalmore

Berwick Springs Green 0  6   6
Tooradin-Dalmore     16 12 108

After a week off period and under 14’s travelled to Berwick To take on Berwick Springs Green.

The team started fast and with ruck and clearance domination from the centre, we had plenty of entries into our forward 50 resulting in four goals and a handy lead at quarter time.

During the second quarter our midfield again got on top of Berwick Springs and even though Berwick was able to transition the ball into their forward line, our backs led by Liam Simpson kept them from scoring.

The third quarter saw the team play some of its best football for the past year. Their ball movement, linking up and skills by foot and hand saw repeated forward 50 entries and we were able to put on eight goals for the quarter.

With no available players on the bench due to injury it meant that everyone had to perform in the last term. To their credit the whole team lifted and every player across all positions delivered as per the coaches message to take your opportunities when they come. The team ran out convincing winners by 102pts.

Goals: Tyler Kirkbride 4, Panos Papas 3, Brodie Matthews 2, Bailey Wear 2, Joshua Shipton 2, Brody Campbell, Jai Williams, Matthew Ward